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  • no its been down for 2 years but good news my 22 year old son just bought his first cube so he is helping me get my 120 back into shape so getting back in the crazy expensive hobby lol how have you been? Hope all is well with you . do you have your tank up?
    id please
    looking for a mag5 pump or the rio 10 for my skimmer the aqua ev 120 since the alpha has too large of a footprint to put in that small sump ..hope i can get one cheap the rio seems to be the best deal at 35 bucks new but the mag is like 80 bucks new and too much so maybe i can get the mag5 used for the same price as the rio new..crossing fingers. hope everyone is having a better start to 2011 then I am .
    Got the new 8 bulb 80 watt 5 foot ATI PowerModule
    and the Royal Exclusive Alpha 200 skimmer all I need is to get
    A new sump because it will not fit in my present sump it is just too big.
    The Quarantine tank slash frag tank is up and running no more acro eating flatworms
    this time around. Too bad it cost me all my sps to learn this lesson ..
    not the qt tank it still sits full of water and waiting for the sump . guess after that i will have it running and ready to go.
    Roger I am still waiting on mine to get delivered. I see alot of folks are real happy but sure seems to be all about getting them dialed in right and having the right water level in the sump.
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