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    FS: Red Sea Reefer Deluxe 425 XL Aquarium w/ Apex, Gyre, ReefLed Etc.

    Im in the process of moving to a new home and need to sell my Red Sea Reefer 425XL. I have over $5000 invested in the system as you can see in the breakdown. Also including a lot of testing probes, kits, and chemicals, that are not included in the break down. I would prefer to sell as a...
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    Help identifying rust colored Algae all over tank

    Help identifying rust colored Algae all over tank I had a feeling it was dinoflagellates on the sand bed but what's throwing me off is the fuzzy hair like stuff on the rocks.. unless I have two problems. Thanks for the input Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Help identifying rust colored Algae all over tank

    Here's a video Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Help identifying rust colored Algae all over tank

    About two months ago I started noticing that some of my live rock close to the sand bed was starting to get this fuzzy hair like appearance in certain areas. Little by little it began spreading and moving down toward the sand and up towards the rest of the rock. I've tried siphoning and...
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    FS: Nuvo 8 Setup with Nano Box LED, ATO, Chiller and More!

    Hello looking to sell my current Nuvo 8 Setup, the system is still up and running only thing left inside is the live rock, and cleanup crew. the following hardware is for sale with the system. for the complete Black IM Nuvo 8 setup (including,live rock, cuc, etc.) with 14k Black Skkye light &...
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    Who is bringing what to the Swap meet November 19th?

    bringing some regular toadstool leather frags, some ORA green polyp leather frags, and a couple zoa frags
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    Red hornets and sunset monti FS

    any pics of the red hornets
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    new Nuvo nano 8

    any pictures of the tank im looking into getting one of these, how was the over all quality of the tank? also hows the light fixture
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    Cost savings HQI vs LED

    you also have to factor in the heat of the HQI bulb and the affect it does to the tank and cooling it, and the bulb replacement. in theory the leds are supposed to last 10 years , but they havent been around that long to make that a fact.
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    FS red sea max 250(66g) entire set up

    damn if only you would have put this up for sale in a month or so! ive been saving up money to get a bigger tank but im not quite there yet. if you haven't sold it by November i will be all over this!
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    JLo's new Biocube 29!

    you have a real nice start going man, looks nice. love the sexys
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    Rome's 29 Biocube

    looks like you have a really nice setup there man
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    Rolys 29G Led BioCube

    Ive had the candy cane for about a year now. it was given to me by a friend breaking down his tank and had 6 heads and has grown to over 20+ heads. the YWG is very personable, he dug himself his home at the very front the tank and sits by it all day protecting it from any other fish lol. he also...