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    Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Question
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    Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Question

    Sorry, another P.S. The connector is an RJ-11 I believe.
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    Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Question

    PS. It seems to work best when it's calibrated when the tank is around 77 degrees.
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    Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Question

    Yes. Menu, down to Module, RKL, Itemp, Calibrate, then set your temperature, Enter, Enter (will return you to "calibrate" when it's done).
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    Drain tank and start over? or other options?

    I did just the opposite by siphoning out all the sand over 3 or 4 water changes, then took the rocks out and scrubbed everything really good. I left one large piece of rock out that was unclean-able. The I put the rocks back in and added some new, then crushed coral. I didn't remove any of...
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    Algae problem with really low nutrients how can that be?

    I keep seeing this statement. I'm certainly no scientist but I'm trying to understand how, if they can't be measured, can nutrients be available for consumption? If they can't be measured, they aren't there.
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    Bubble algae on snails only

    Thanks again and to the OP, my bubble algae started small, coming in on an LPS frag.
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    Bubble algae on snails only

    I appreciate the suggestion. Perhaps I'll relocate the fish and treat the tank while they're out instead.
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    Bubble algae on snails only

    I have water balance issues but I vote take them out and clean them. Every nook and cranny in my tank has it. It grows easily, spreads easily, and it floats through the tank to other parts of the tank, the sump, and in the powerheads. I'm going to have to temporarily relocate the fish and...
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    Vortech MP10 Master and Slave setup

    I purchased the Reeflink for this reason. My memory is it took some Googling to get that working, but I now I can set the pumps, 4 MP10s and a Vectra M1, to whatever speed, program, sync/anti-sync, etc., from my computer. Much easier, worth $99.
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    Everything died!!

    Dead horse.
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    How to get a molly to eat problem algae?

    I have two that eat the algae off the rocks. Don't have briopsys so IDK.
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    Nyos 220 overflowing

    When mine overflows, I open it wide open like you did, but I don't take the cup off, I empty the cup, sometimes 4 or 5 times, until it stops overflowing. When it's settled down, i restrict the flow again to the point that it's bubbling all the way up, but not overflowing, and let it run a...
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    Everything died!!

    One more to weigh in: ammonia, not RO, killed your fish.
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    Surface Agitation

    Is your join date (Aug) an indication of the age of your tank? Did you test for ammonia? I'm not buying the "surface agitiation" theory.