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  • I currently don't mind that you are using my book cover (copyrighted) image as your avatar...but please don't mislead people like Hugeinasia in saying "its a plate coral I that came across my way and i took a picture of it. its long gone though, but i get some really nice plate corals like that in every once in a while." That's just a really low life thing to do (lying for sales). Be cool. Seriously.
    Hello romsoccer12 :
    I need your help. I want to know anyone have experience to keep a dracula goby over long time. I buy three last year and they all die.I bought two last month,And one stop eat and it have some blood in its mouth :( .You don't know how do I love them. My tank tempereture is 26 degree.S.G is 1.023.Is it suitable for dracula goby? Thanks!!
    I have a hot pink watermelon chalice. I have a picture posted in the corals for sale area. That frag has been sold but I have another 20 eye colony for sale.
    Hey, if you don't mind can you tell me what type of coral you have set as your picture? It's amazing.
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