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  • Hey.. so I thought I would ask you because you would know, lol. Will I need a chiller or fans with the aquasanrise from reefbreeders? I'm considering the 120 model. Thanks.
    Ron hope all is well. Im a big fan of your posts. If there is anything i can do to help let me know hope you have minimal damage
    Yes, am aware about clowns sex change. I'll try introducing the new guy slowly.
    LOL, Thanks Ron
    I'm far from being a clown fish expert, so don't take this as gospel.

    You could try another clown. It needs to be a very young one so it hasn't already turned female. You do know about the sex change they can go through, right?

    I'd try to slow down the introduction as much as possible. I have a small acrylic box with small holes. I'd use that and put the new clown inside and then set it in the tank. If you don't have anything like that, try a 1 gallon zip lock bag or some other big, clear container. That way the male and the female get to meet, but she doesn't get to beat the crap out of him just yet. If your clown tends to stay at one end of the tank, introduce the new clown at the other end. It may not help at all, but they might tend to stay in their own ends for awhile.

    All in all it's kind of an iffy situation. I'd give it a 50:50 or even a 60:40 chance of success. Good luck and I hope I helped some? BTW, I give a lot better advise on a lot of other subjects! LOL!

    I had two Ocellaris Clownfish Captive bred that became mated pair in my tank for about a year. Then yesterday when I came home from work I found the male dead on the floor outside of tank (poor guy, perhaps he couldn't handle domestic life )

    Anyway, is it safe/possible to add another clown to tank? The female is somewhat aggressive, nothing vicious.

    Hi Ron I'm Phil
    you gave me some advice on my aquarium and I have asked you a few more questions one that goes along with the sump and if you look at the way its set up with the refugium that seems to me needs to have something done because it just dosent look right.
    thx any help would be appreciated as I'm new to all this.
    And by the way all my snails are hanging out on the top of the tank and I lost another one yesterday going to try to take them out and put them in my QT tank till I get this fixed.
    I haven't made enough posts to reply to your message, so I'll leave a note here. Yes, Kris is placing the order, so no worries. Thanks.
    Hey Ron, a friend of mine said you might have some frag plugs to sell at a good price?
    I might have double posted

    Hi Ron,

    I've been keeping Betta's longer than I can remember. I finally got the saltwater bug about a year ago, and I've been planning and researching ever since. In april I got my 10 gallon nano. (I'll try to post a picture later) It's got 2 clowns and a cleaner shrimp, and a clean-up crew. Everything's doing great.

    As far as corals go, I have a pink anthelia and a few mushrooms. I'll be getting quite a few more when my funds allow it, but saving up for the 55 is my main priority.

    I joined the Boston Reefers Society, and I've been finding some good info on here. I definitely support the idea of reef clubs/forums. They're my #1 source of information at this point.

    Have to get to class now.

    Hi Ron,
    My name is David ,, I just wondering what dosing pump you using? since i have same 180 gallon mixed reef tank,,, Im plan to buy dosing pump soon ! so just curious :D

    No problem. All I did was offer a few words of support. I think the OR light is way better looking than the EG D120 and works at least as well, probably better. Would like to hear what you think of it when you get it set up.

    BTW, I completely forgot to mention, I saw that OR is set up as a sponsor over at R2R. I don't use that site too much, but they reply to posts...

    Well that makes me feel better. I'm excited to get the light. I'm putting it over my 17x17 cube. Might be a little overkill, but they are dimmable. Anyway thx for getting back to me so quick.

    Hi Brian,

    Some times paranoia is a good thing. But in this case I doubt it. I know they are a new start up and are having some teething issues. I took them a few days to get mine shipped and I got the tracking number 2 days after it shipped (but still 2 day before it got here). If you don't hear from them in another day, let me know. I have a friend who knows an engineer that does some design work for them.

    Hey Ron, I see you have the Arctic light from Ocean Revive. I just ordered one a few days ago. I'm wondering how your correspondence was with them. I have yet to receive a confirmation email, or any email from them, and they don't return my emails that I send to them. I may be jumping the gun a bit but it scares me a little when I get no correspondence and theyve already got my money. Am I just being paranoid?

    Just wondering what your max settings were for your RB led light. I have a 65 gallon and peak for 4hrs (2hrs at 70/60 and 2hrs at 80/70). Everything looks good but my red planet is green (makes me think I could keep going).
    Just wondering where you were able to purchase your ever grow d120 from as I'm wanting to pick one up? All of those Chinese sites can be a little overwhelming! Thanks, nick
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