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    yet another couple questions..

    depending on the depth of the tank and what wattage you are going with but you could have a heat problem.
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    Red Sea Maxima?

    Lets see byssal (footing) then we will know :)
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    My New Clams

    You want to sell me that black one :)
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    My New Clams

    ya, more pictures : )
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    My New Clams

    Very nice. Love that black one!
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    What kind of Clams can I put in my sand

    Watts per gallon isn't really the way to measure lighting but the intensity or penitration of lights. Maybe you could try a Squamosa or small derasa but they will out grow your tank in about a year. Nice tank :)
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    Yes 250s will be good. :)
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    Any update on Ponape Clams ?

    Have had some in my tank going on 6 months. Lost one out of 7. All others doing well.
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    Still looking for gigas

    The old story, "Supply and demand " ;)
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    Question about bowl feeding

    Depending what size your tank is. If it is a small tank then I would just feed the tank, if larger than you may want to consider taking him out a few times a week and IMO you do not have to have lights over the feeding bowl.
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    Identification Requested

    I second Traveller, Tridacna Squamosa
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    My clam :D

    Nice Croceas :)
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    Acclimating to MH too fast?

    Watch to make sure he does not bleach. I would put him on the substrate and slowly raise him up into your LR. Maybe shorten your photo period and slowly increase that as well.
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    Gold Maxima Picture

    Looks Great :)
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    Maxima 24" from 175W MH?

    24" is a lot for a 175 MH to penitrate in my opinion. I would place the maxima up in your rock work, closier to your lights.