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    Why should you do water changes?

    I only have a 25 gal with about 10 LBS of rock about 2 inch fone sand bed. I have the same looking substrate as you little brownish in places have two power heads and a Rena Cal return movement everywhere. Is the is the brownish tint to sand normal It used to be real white. I has a sand sifting...
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    My son saved my clownfish

    Not salt but few days ago my 1/2 grown kitten scooped my sons beta out of open part of 5 gal tank where filter is had him on floor playing with it. He had no interest at time of eating him . My grown son put him kinda ragged and little bloodied back in hoping on the best. He's fine He's babied...
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    Yellow Tail Damsel

    Update Update Well this morning I found that my power head had slipped down just a little bit changing the way water is deflected against front glass. i corrected this and filled in trench and the fish is acting normally. Your queses are as good as mine and yes the pic is same as my Damsel...
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    Yellow Tail Damsel

    Now What Now What How do you get them to stop this and how the heck do you clean off all the live rock . tried blowing it off with turkey baster worked somewhat still look like heck. Ronny
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    Yellow Tail Damsel

    I've had two yellow tails for over a year . I came home tonight and one is fanning the substrate . He or she has dug a trench at least an inch deep 8 inches long into my 25 gal sank sand bed.I added 4 nasarious snails 2 days ago Why are they all at once tearing tank up sand all over...
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    How to trade safely?

    What happened What happened Your the same as me I trust very few always worried about getting burnt. Maybe because we've been burnt when we covered all the bases and still got third degree burns. I want the ole days back ! :fish2:
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    How to trade safely?

    Insurence Insurence Trade verbally see his pump pumping same for your skimmer if both parties satisfied physically trade .Can post video of pump and skimmer working then decide. Ronny
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    New skimmer

    I had a Sea clone never could get it to work correctly on a 25 gal reef tank was rated up to a 100 gal tank. I finally got sick of it kept the power head and threw rest away.I have been with out skimmer for about a year. battling cyno or diatoms . No one is ever sure of one or other if you like...
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    I seriously need to know what to do!! This Algae wont go away!!!!

    I have same thing in my tank I also make my own RO water have meter on in and out on RO filter 1 going in 0 out. You all lose me on these abrivations like GFO GAC . Ronny
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    skimmer skimmer Not that anyone cares but I paid $19.99 still saved quite a bit. Ronny
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    What is it with this hobby... and people being cheap?

    Just found this thread . I think this hobby is expansive and what one is not these days. I just bought a skimmer on line . Local shop didn't have one that suited my budget that would hang on back of tank. I was talking to the local owner and he said he pays himself $7000.00 a month rent he owns...
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    Cyano or Diatoms? Hard to tell. PIC INCLUDED

    I got the same thing in my 25 gal reef tank. my tank is at least 7 years old.
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    Well I got minimal help on this thread . The few that put there 2 cents worth in really was appreciated. I decided to purchase a Reef Octopus BH 100 protein skimmer. I pais $110.99 free shipping. Hope it works !! Ronny
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    Skimmer Well went read reviews on the ESHOPS 1 good 7 bad. Just frustrated. The fella that loves it says it works fine other 6 say its junk ! Ronny
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    I'm looking at the ESHOPS PSK 75 H anyone using this skimmer ? Does it work ? I don't want to spend a lot of money especially on a skimmer bought on line . Seems that everyone that suggests one I read bad reviews on it Realy difficult to make up my mind. Ronny