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    FS or FT: Green Tip Toadstool Leather Frags Medium size

    Sorry didn't respond sooner, I'm Near Downtown. Just to the south of it. You can pm or text me.
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    FS or FT: Green Tip Toadstool Leather Frags Medium size

    I fragged these a few months ago. They are all healthy, growing fast and I have sold most of them. I have a few left that I 'd like to clear off my frag rack. I'm selling for $15 each or would trade for Frogspawn, Hammer, Zoo's, Acan's, or other leathers, NO SPS please. PLease contact or text...
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    FS/ FT: Toadstool leather Frags

    I have several toadstool leathers available still. There are different sizes available and all are attached with about a 2" stalk and fully extended polyps. I am asking $20 per a frag or possibly trade for acans, zoo's, frogspawn or hammers. Also will give better price for more than one. I'm...
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    Anyone know what is happening in this pic?

    Could have something feeding off the algae and casuing it to recede??? I think those little 4 arm starfish eat coraline?
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    180 for sale

    Price and dimensions?
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    OT: Miami Marine Flea Show this weekend

    Good to know. Is it a big flea market like the one in Dania? I may go check it out.
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    Keys Reef Dive Recommendation

    If you venture down to Islamorada there is a great reef called Alligator reef. Very nice with some good ledges and lots of life. Also in John Penny camp you can rent boats (or at least you used to be able to) and you can go out to the statue of Jesus.
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    You must also believe they build those huge impressive tanks in one, hour long, episode too!:lmao:
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    Really? They know nothing? Then why do they have a show or how did they get as big as they are if they didn't know anything? Do you think if your fish store constantly sold you fish that died or gave advice that killed fish then you would come back to them? Why does most people think these...
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    Tomini Tang Compatibility

    I too have a tomini and he is a bossy/mean fish. Does not like any new additions to the tank. He picked on the corris wrasse and finally gave up after a week of picking on him. Realizing the wrasse was still going to do what he wanted. Now they get along, but he still hates the LMB
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    Bio Pellets without reactor? just a mesh bag

    I have mine in the sump in a mesh bag below the drain line. This kind of keeps them tumbling. No problems yet.
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    Powder Coating verse Painting Metal

    I would paint. Powder coating is more for items in the elements of sun, rain, salt etc. That's why a lot of car wheels and boat items are powder coated and not painted. For your light bracket rustoleum will be just as good and cheaper..
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    Any good dive deals any more?

    I got certified at H2O dive in North Miami. He's a cool guy and his course was painless. Ozzie is his name.
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    First Coral

    Well if your tank has been runnig for a while and you have nems then yes most corals will do ok including LPS and SPS. Hammers and frogspawn are awesome LPS, green birdsnest is an east starter SPS. Like the others said LPS and SPS require good cal and alk intake, they use these supplements much...
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    SeaWorld Trip!!

    Man that sounds fun. I am all for it but I have to talk to the soon to be wife, I'm already We get back from our honeymoon the 14th and I'm not sure if after a week vacay she will be up for another weekend away. I will talk to her tonight.