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    Best/Cheapest Option for a 10g

    My qt is also a 10g. I only run mine as needed. It is basically left overs from a nano I had. 10g tank, 50w heater, light fixture with timer, small power head, and a hob filter I hang on the side of my refuge when the qt is down. I'll set the tank up with water from my dt and add a chunk of...
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    Odyssea lamps

    Has anyone used the odyssea t5ho lamps off of eBay? If so are they any good or bad color? I thought it about using them over my prop tank build due to cost. Thanks
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    Aiptasia!! Help!!

    I've used peppermints with success, just make sure your lights are off when you add them. My large cinnamon clown killed both of mine last time I added a couple to combat a few. Kalk paste works really well too...I usually treat a few at a time, and get no ill effects
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    Epoxy putty

    I got a tube of JB water weld and a tube of PC marine. I found where these 2 have been used with good success. Thanks
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    Depth for frag tank?

    +1 You can always use a rack or shelf to raise the frags, the extra depth will also add water volume. I prefer 10-12". But if your just healing 1-2" grams before moving them on, shallow is fine. But if your want to from some size, you'll want the depth
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    Is this superglue safe?

    I'm partial to loctite 409. Only concern I would have with a large tube is that it will go bad before you use it all. That being said I have a 30gm tube of 409, I keep in the freezer in between uses. The 3gm tubes I usually use up fast but the 10gm bottles I also freeze.
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    apex .... controlling 220v pumps.. DP contactors

    You'll also save on wiring... A 220v 15amp line can easily be fed by 12/3... For a 30amp 120 you'll need at least 10/2, but I'd run 8/2 for a long run... Be sure to enclose your contractors well.
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    Lexan splash guard?

    I'm getting ready to replace my splash guard on my lighting, it currently 1/4" acrylic. I've made a new canopy and the old splash guard won't fit. I've a piece of 1/4" lexan that is big enough, will it work or will diffuse the light too much? Thanks
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    Most large retail stores with a pet section(walmart, target, etc etc) will have them for 13 or so bucks.
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    Possible use of RO/DI waste water

    I've heard if your using a booster pump you can tie it back into the plumbing some where else in the system. Like at the water heater or somewhere. The waste water is probably almost if not more clean than the feed water since it has ran through a sediment and carbon filter. I run my down the...
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    best way too start coral buisness

    Atleast with a wood working shop, if you get frustrated with it you can walk away and forget about it for a week or so... A tank of corals on the other hand....
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    Replacing a pane of glass

    +1 I've never had good luck resealing. Your always better off tearing it down and starting fresh. And while your at it you can check integraty of the other panels and add any holes you may need more easily.
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    Getting a new sump. Pointers?

    This is a great setup, I built my current sump similar except I put a narrow chamber down the back connecting the 1st and 3rd chambers, in the 4th chamber I put my heaters and my top off and a bubble weir at the pump end. I use a small pump to put water into the fuge and I cut a overflow on...
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    corals next to each other

    Some softies can touch each other just fine, but its usually a problem waiting to happen if you put a softie too close to a sps or lps IME. Some lps have nasty stingers they put out at night that can reach a good ways, some sps can be nasty as well. Research is the best place to start...
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    Coraline Algae

    Some folks like the cleaner look of a spotless back wall, some like the texture of a encrusted back wall, and some just don't care. It's personal preference. I personaly think a clean back wall looks better, and makes the tank appear deeper, but i also like a wall of coraline, It's personal...