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    Clownfish laid eggs... Now what?

    If the eggs are laid, and you aren't ready.... you're too late. You pretty much must have a live steady supply of live food prior to lay and hatch.
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    Venturi with standard submersible?

    With skimmers the volume of water isn't really what you're going to be concerned about. You want fine bubbles, and tons of them. The most 'efficient' skimmers are re-circulating, (ie, bubbles get chopped and re-chopped) with a very low water turnover rate.
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    randy stacye style diy skimmer
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    Something doesnt seem right about my DIY rock...........

    1 1/2 hrs is not enough time for concrete to dry... needs a day two.
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    I use the garlic geltabs from the grocery store. Just pop them on some food or nori, let it soak for a few mins and feed it.
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    how to boost coralline algae growth

    Look into baking soda for supplementing the alk. There's no such thing as 'High Quality' alk... alk is alk. There is such a thing as a 'High Quality' Rip-Off.... that's what you've been getting. Mix 1 cup Baking Soda per gallon of RO/DI water. Play with the amounts to keep the levels right...
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    emerald crab vs live rock ?

    Nah, it may have been cracked and just fell off when he was tryin to eat the algae on it.
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    MJ mod

    I doubt it... They'll probably wear out pretty quickly on a wavemaker.
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    How to attach frogspawn

    Superglue Gel! Works like a charm. On a side note... from the pic it looks like it's stinging the crap out of that leather it's next to. Is that a tentacle? If so, you really should separate them before it's too late.
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    #1 stop trying to feed them if they won't eat. You're just polluting your water. #2 White poo is a sign of a parasite. Not your fault, most likely came like that from the LFS.... possibly why they had the SG so low. What kind of shape were they in at the LFS? Did you see them eat there?
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    Need help on a light build

    Depends.... do you want to spend a ton of money and get great great results... or do you want to save some cheese and only get great results? I'm a fan of the Magnetic ballasts b/c they're available for under $60 locally at the local electrical supply house. I know the electronics last...
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    Forming Fiberglass?

    You're getting close.... the rollers are definitely necessary. I don't know how many of these you will be making volume is definitely a friend of fiberglass mold systems. #1 make a plug. An exact replica of your final product. This can be sculpted or molded from a wood/fiberglass/epoxy...
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    siphon return issues

    1/4" hole is pretty large.... 1/8" would have done the job. You're gonna have to give a better reference than this... b/c what you're saying physically cannot happen. If the holes are drilled on the return line slightly below the water level.... you turn of the power.... siphon begins...
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    Looking for a small cheap router

    Check out Harbor Freight tools. Cheap and pretty decent quality from my experience.
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    is portland neccesary for diy rock?

    Portland is 'better' b/c it has a lower ph off the shelf than other brands. Virtually any brand will work but you may have to cure longer than with the portland. We went with another brand and curing time was a little over 3 months. Everything's been great since. We just couldn't find...