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  • Hi rvitko,
    recently bought a 2nd 7200 electronic pump from a local reefer. After using for a month, the pump break down. No more warrantly. Went to local shop but was told this model is discontiuned. Is there anyway can fix the motor?
    Hey Roger, I'm looking for a tunze recommendation for a skimmer on a medium stocked reef tank(150g display) currently running an aquac ev series skimmer

    Sorry for the late reply, I almost never see these visitor notifications because no notice is sent by email. Please send in the 6201.

    Sorry for the late reply, I almost never see these visitor notifications because no notice is sent by email. Please send in the 6201.
    Hi Roger,
    I have a 6201 that is just not preforming as it should. A few months ago you replaced one of my defective 6201s w/ a 6205 motor block w/ great results, how much would it cost to do the same to my other 6201? It seems like it is pushing about 50% of the 6205's velocity.
    I clean them all every 3 weeks, I have a 6100, 6105, 6201 and a 6205 on a 4' 120g BB SPS. That one corner is just week.
    Thanks very much, Rodney Ott
    Hi Roger,

    I`m sure you dont remember but, I pmed you over a year/ year and a half ago about one of the two 6055s I had that made a loud click when used in interval 1 on my multicontroller. After you sent me a few different shafts and some pacers that didn`t solve the problem, I sent in the pump and unfortunately I was told that you guys couldn`t get it to stop clicking either and to run it on interval 2. I was kind of disappointed so I switched to the Vortech MP40ws. They worked great, but I really liked the setup with the multicontroller that Tunze uses, so after talking to you down at MACNA this year I decided to buy 2 more 6055s at the show. Here comes the reason the this drown out message, they both make the clicking sound when used on interval 1. I hate to be a pain, but what can we do about this? Please let me know what you think.

    Hi Roger

    I live in australia and my 800.04 pump stopped working ive had it for just over a year so im not sure if its covered under warranty. Ive tried taking it back to the shop but they just say contact the rep contact the rep but they dont have any details on any aus rep?

    just wondering if you could help me out somehow.


    Sam Wellard
    Please note, I get no notice of visitor messages and rarely see them, send a PM if you need something.
    Hi Roger,

    My name is Chris. I bought a pair of 6055s new couple years ago. They are being used with the new controller. I removed them from the tank for cleaning and noticed that one of the pumps didn’t run constantly. It runs on and off in a cycle of on for 1 second and off for 5 seconds. It is doing that without being hooked up to the controller. Could you tell me what the problem is and if there is anything that I could fix without sending it in to you?
    Hello Roger
    I am hector, and live in mexico city, a mutual friend, notice me. That you could get the driver of the Tunze.
    the model is 7240.27, which is the cost and shipping.


    I need one of those light blue caps for the end of the prop shaft. I have a 6105.

    Wendell Anthony
    217 19th Street
    Huntington Beach, California 92648
    Roger, my name is Tommy Patton. I talked with you last year when my AT 5000 chiller that I bought from Steve went on the fritz. The piece that you sent me worked and now that it is getting hot again it has stopped working again. The thermostat is reading 100.5 degrees and my tank was 66 degrees when I got home from work and about half of my sps is dead already this will probably cost me my whole tank. Is this something that is going to keep happening? I have had this chiller for a year and 5 months and it has done this twice. Could you please help me get this taken care of.
    Hi Roger,
    I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the power supply and excellent customer service.
    Hi Roger, This is Gerard Borrillo - I had to create another account because something went wrong with my other one (gmahn1972). I sent you my wavebox pump recently and you sent it back to me at my wife's work. Anyway, remember how we were talking about the oversized power adaptor? well, yesterday, the pump just quit out - as in stopped working altogether. Im not sure if its related to the poweradaptor....but something must be wrong because obviously it shouldnt just do that. What should I do? I havent done anything other than verify connections and correct and ample power supply.

    Thanks. Gerard
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