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    Fish dying issue!

    about 60 lbs
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    Fish dying issue!

    yup. nothing shows up. so totally good on that. and I have tons of snail and hermits and a cleaner shrimp that have been fine for over a year so whatever it is doesn't seem to effect them.
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    Fish dying issue!

    do you think that is what is killing the fish? I mean I still had that problem when I did have that salinity level
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    Fish dying issue!

    kept it at 1.024 the first year went lighter to match the lfs. thought the higher salinity was the problem at first. it wasn't though
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    Fish dying issue!

    oops I meant. 1.019. ive been told fish only is less than 1.023. I don't have coral
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    Fish dying issue!

    Hey guys, Ok Ive had my 90gl up for a few years now. Im having an issue that is totally killing me. I cant keep any fish alive for more than a few weeks. New fish anyway. I currently have three fish alive and they are the three I started the tank with. A blenny, Chromas, and a clown. I...
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    im sure this has been asked before but can you over skim a tank.... I.E. have a too large skimmer?
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    live sand question

    i know there is alot of debate on amount of and types of live sand. im just going to be running a 29 gallon reef. i was looking for some input on how much and what types of sand i should use. ive heard the best is about 2" deep. i prefer very fine sand like beach sand but is that less affective...
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    ending my reef

    hello, ive got a 20 long reef that im gonna need to take down within the next month and a half. some fish, softies and a couple lps. im moving to chicago from detroit and i cant take it with me. any suggestions on the best way to sell off the corals and stuff. any help would be great. thanks, ryan
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    lighting question

    ok i bought a light for my 20 long reef from another board member recently and im happy with it but i have a chance to get some very colorful LPS and a few SPS from a friend for free. so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some add-ons to light i have. its a 130watt compact. now the...
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    snail attached to my white zoas

    this little guy was attached to a stalk of one of my zoas. took some prying to get him off but took him out of the tank to be sure. i thought it was just a shell the zoa clinge to but the snail was alive so i thought bad news. any ideas?
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    Flatworms on ricordeas?

    actually i had a huge infestation in my 20 long but when adding fish, the last one i bought was a six line wrasse. about a week and they were gone and i havent seen hide nor hair of them since. either lucky or the siz line is a good solution
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    sea squirt???

    thanks it looks alot like the pink one (bottom row, left) on the sponge page
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    purple coraline

    from what i read on this subject calcium iodine and strontium (i think thats how its spelled). purple up is supposed to be a good start up for it. but i found if the coraline you already have starts to bleach then the strontium levels are low. as for propigation ive read that you shut the...
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    hope its ok !!

    im only about five months in. when i set mine up i added the sand and live rock the first day and also some live bacteria from the LFS and it cycled in less than a week. not sure if it was unusual but it worked well. u should get an ammo spike and then nitrites. but i agree about the temp being...