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    120RR Custom Stand and Hood FS--Buffalo

    The $450 includes the: Tank, Stand, Hood, Starboard, and Durso Pipes. No lighting system or additional circulation equipment is included. Thanks, Steve
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    120RR Custom Stand and Hood FS--Buffalo

    Because your upgrade is to multiple tanks......... BUMP $450. Steve
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    120RR Custom Stand and Hood FS--Buffalo

    Hi everyone! Well my dad has decided to sell off his beautiful system... He still loves the hobby, but it might be a while before he sets up another tank... Anyways, 120g Reef Ready 4x2x2 tank. Center overflows, not corner overflows. Custom wooden stand and hood made by a master...
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    Digital Timer Recommendations

    Thank you all for the recommendations, i hope to order something within a day or two...
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    Digital Timer Recommendations

    Hi everyone, im making some great changes to my current set up, and need some recommendations. I am running asmall diaphram pump to administer kalk into my sump. I need a good digital timer that will allow me to run the pump for a few minutes at a time every few hours to dose the kalk...
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    FS: Todd's Torch...

    That Todds is too beautiful to part with! Sell your other corals and have a todds only tank! Lol
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    Recommendations for excellent acrylic algae scrapers?

    Hi everyone, I keep meaning to post pictures of my current aquarium in El Paso, but the damn simple green algae keeps getting the acrylic dirty! Anyways, I have tried a number of different cheapo algae scrapers for acrylic, and none of them work great. I need a good one! Whats the best...
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    Torch Frag

    Yes you need to immediately seal the torch back together with super glue. Loctite superglue gel. Its in a small triangle shaped container at home depot or lowes. Shake the torch in the tank to retract the tentacles. Carefully dry off the torch skeleton, while holding it upside down, with...
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    3+ head todds torch F.S.

    Seeing this thread almost gave me a heart attack...
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    2-Ecotech Radions, 2-MP10WES FOR SALE

    If you dont mind me asking, why are you selling the radions?
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    Buffalo URS Members--- What frags are available?

    Hi everyone, it's good to be back in town for a bit! Guys, you have no idea how lucky you are in terms of coral selection! Down in El Paso, the majority of people would rather buy clumps of aptasia than an RBTA! Anyways, I want to bring back some great corals SPS, LPS, Anenomes, anything...
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    Need some Todd's Torch

    Hi everyone, I'm back in town for about two weeks, here for another funeral... Anyways, I'd like to get a few heads of Todd's Torch (the authentic Todd's) and bring it back to El Paso! I know I have fragged Todd's for probably a dozen people in the past, so hopefully someone in URS has...
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    Brown Digi

    I had a colony of brown/tan digi next to my purple and german blue and green etc... anyways, who has digis for sale? i want to get them again...
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    led lights for sale

    Do you have a controller for them? Full intensity = melted corals...
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    WTB: 100g+ glass tank

    Thanks Ben, but I would probably need a much larger one to store waste water. Thanks Rafa67, but Id like to get something much larger... Anyone have a 120 lying around?? Even the stores, do any of you guys have an old beat up tank sitting around???