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  • Would love to have your Peacock Mantis Shrimp. I have called and looked all over the country with no luck finding one. Are you willing to ship it overnight to Glendale, Arizona 85306? I'll pay all cost.
    Hi, i was curious about your LED lights, who made them and would he do this for others? cost? Thanks so much.

    It kinda sucks, not nearly as many options for a reef tank fish wise as there are for a fowlr. I'm taking my chances with having corals in a tank with a puffer, two triggers, and two wrasses. Granted they're going to be ~3" or less, but I doubt they would hesitate to decimate the corals if they were larger.
    i was actually going to reccomend anthias to you, and yeah thats the problem with them, are you transferring your current stock to the new tank or rehoming them?
    hahah np, sounds awesome, what's the planned stocking? With the 6 footer a lot of options open up for you, i'd do some larger tangs, but thats just me.. just make sure they're well fed so they dont pick at corals

    na my tank still hasnt been set up yet, waiting on my grades :/
    plans are all pretty much ready though other than aquascape and skimmer choice

    are there any hardy corals you could recommend to me that wont need mh or led? I was thinking zoa's, hairy/regular shrooms, xenia, and maybe some lps or gsp's

    those are just ideas though and as long as they dont get munched on
    yo if ur looking for pods, the aquarium at 5403 sepulveda sells them bottled as does somewhere else that i dont remember atm
    hey, it's still alive which is good lol. but still skinny. i bought some chaeto filled with pods from an lfs because i haven't been able to find any live tiger pods or anything. glad yours is doing well!
    Hi Saba. How is the mandarin? I got one recently (lil female). I got her in QT eating tiger pods and brine shrimp. I am trying to rear her on mysis. Have you got it out yet? I got those tiger pods at vivid. They go for 19.99 for a bottle of 2-4 thousand.
    true true. Maybe you can put the trap in there anyways and hope it goes in? :). I hope it works out for you. Has anyone hooked you up with pods?
    maybe you can make a fish trap by getting a plastic bottle and cutting off the top portion then invert that back in. Attach a string and wait till he/she goes in and the mandarin is as good as caught. Thats how I caught my blue tang from my tank.
    Ah. I was just wondering if any of the people I have meet here on RC are going to go. I plan on going. How is your mandarin?
    ya i actually just ordered from them, but they sent me a bunch of small hermits and snails and crap that i had no use for, my mistake for buying one of their ready made cucs. so i think i'm gonna go to reef hot spot and see how much theres are and that way i can see what i'm buying.
    not yet, i was on and I was doing the custom cuc thing to see what he recommends and it asked whether i was interested in chaeto, red mangroves, etc. i said chaeto
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