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  • Hi, i was browsing ati hybrid thread here and noticed you have a nive schedule for ati hybrid, can i ask for you to share your light schedule?
    Hi Sahin: I just setup my new ATI LED 8 bulb powermodule and programmed settings with the of your video, thank you! I wanted to see if you would be so kind to create cloud sweep and moonlight settings for me as well if I sent you the info needed. Thanks in advance for all your help! I tried to send you private message but it was not allowed?
    Hi Sahin, I've messaged you on FB could you text me on 0798 000 0008 regarding picking some corals up 2moro? cheers Eddy

    Quick question for you. About to start a 60 gallon cube SPS. I just ordered the 4x24 LED powermodule. 2 blue plus and 2 coral plus. Is this plenty of light for SPS anywhere I want? I've seen posts where you've implied you can't run your 8x24 at full blast. Will I be able to run mine at almost 100% intensity? Thanks for your help!
    Hi Sahin,

    How are you? I hope you and your tank both well.
    Since last year, I have been travel a lot to London for business (with O2). I usually stay for just a few days and then back to Taiwan. However, I gonna stay over weekend this time in Slough. I am thinking to visit some good coral store near to London. I don't mind take train to the place, as long as it is a one day trip. For that, do you have some suggestion of place that I should visit for Saturday (8/2)? Appreciate your help.


    Hi sahin,

    Thanks for answering my questions promptly. Tank will be have lps/sps. It's the 4 x 54 watt model with 3 clusters.

    I've got the following at the moment:

    Blue +
    Coral +
    Purple +
    Blue +

    I'm thinking t5s should run for about 8 hours a day? And leds from 11am to 10pm?

    Btw I have a high pitch frequency noise when my leds switch on.. is this normal or should I get ati to inspect?

    My email

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sahin,

    I've bought the same Electronic tridonic ballast as you and wa\s wondering if you'd mind taking some pictures of your wiring, or send me the diagram you used? I've seen your picture of the completed version and copied the wiring, however I've no idea which wqire points on the ballast to use (obviousley brown goes to brown and blue goes to blue) Just a little help before I switch it on and blow a fuse would be great. If you have the time!

    Hi Sahin
    I have just got the d and d 28g HQI and i am having the heat issue you describe. I read your post on modding the hood with an extra 2 fans. As i'm not very good with wiring etc have you got a diagram i could use to follow please. Also , what do you use to make the fans turn on when the temp hits 80 . Very impressed with this mod as i dont want to start forking out for chillers etc.
    Thanx for your time
    hello I own and I can get you whatever you need and ship to you as well.
    Darin is my name email me at
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