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    Reef tank with algae/coral combination.

    Any one got any pics of their algae coral combinations?
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    Lots of dive pics, to many to put so here is the thread link.

    These are of what myself and a couple of mates do here in Aus, a part from keeping reef tanks.
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    Reef tank with algae/coral combination.

    I would imagine many of you guys have decorative algae with sps, lps morphs and more, but I wonder if some newbies have thought to do it. Its very rewarding, there is nutrient importing/exporting in your display tank with no adverse affects by having certain species of algae in there as well...
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    New fish died overnight

    I have herd of the calcite you got, its supposed to be quite good for stabilizing calcium and maintaining good KH which of course will help your PH. Do you know which brand it was? What lucky lefty typed is quite true,when adding fish to the aquarium the PH on their gills in the bags water is...
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    Upgrading and looking for a centerpiece fish

    See if you can find a blue whiptail, they grow to a max of 8inches, always moving, feeds on anything you give it, harms nothing at all and very colourful, this is mine!
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    Angel not eating

    Have tried molluscs like and opened muscle or oyster?
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    New fish died overnight

    Sounds like you are on the right track with it and if it was copper or any other metal the inverts go first! If it is ammonia or co2 both equate to negative ions and will stuff up PH. I hope you find something in your testing to help work it out!
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    New fish died overnight

    True it is sort of best if you test for what ever, but it’s more so for delicate corals and maybe morphs that abundant mag can be a small issue binding up other elements, you don’t have them, do you? You see buffering in its simplest form is the go for sea water fish only tanks and especially...
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    New fish died overnight

    Were you adding that much food before the fish went in so the bio system was use to it? When lights go out PH will drop and possibly collapse. Do you have lots of disturbance to the surface like ripples or choppy motions, if not the PH crashed during the night. When lights go back on PH will...
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    Importance of Mg?

    Mag acts a carbonate, to over dose a little with mag is not bad thing!
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    Cleaner Shrimp in Pieces :(

    Virtually none of your marine fish were collected from the bubble zone, bubbles don’t kill fish, the stress of what they are not use to like bubbles on gills kills the fish! Breath in water spray with air for a few hours and see how stressed you will become!
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    Cleaner Shrimp in Pieces :(

    They shed mate and as they shed, the hormones are sent out that every one picks up on and if the shed is slow they quite often get killed, as they are very susceptible during the shed! Crays, shrimps etc, they all do this, making a gap and pulling ones self through that gap between carapace and...
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    Pros and Cons of a canister filter

    Pro- solid bio filtration and once altered, far better then live rock! Con- if you do not get rid of all that is in them to have only calcium media and prefilter the hell out of the water before it enters it, then in a month to three years it will fail! Use them as your wet section with a sump!
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    Red lines are ready to go!

    Sorry i don't know about NZ
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    LED and coralline algae.

    I get a tone of good coralline growth under leds, just the right leds, the right dosing and more!