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  • hello there, I was wondering if you ever sold that living reef plug and play or if you hung on to it. please let me know. I know that was a long time ago but worth a shot.
    Looking to trade can't remember if u have some yellow stinger yet let me know thanks Carlos
    Anthony, do u still have some of the red algae available and what sps u have available for sale and prices please tnx. Carlos
    Hey I got a nice piece of setosa at the swap that you brought. It has a little
    something growing at the edge (see photo). Is that also setosa or is it
    something that was on the disc before the setosa? looks like maybe it was a
    monti skeleton you glued the setosa to. anyway, just curious in case it grows
    Thanks for the frag.

    I think you have to click the link can see the photo...
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