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    Old timers, trying to identify a swap coral

    Looks nice Scott. Not much activity on here unfortunately.
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    Tank Break down sale

    If my tank was set back up i would have jumped on some of your livestock. GLWS
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    Par meter?

    The clubs meter broke, your Reef did buy their own and will start renting out soon.
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    Any local club or forum?

    Yes that is the one, there is also a 916 reef club page, they don't have meetings very often though. Not that we have any meetings atm due to the rona.
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    Any local club or forum?

    Most of us use the Facebook group page now, not much activity on here.
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    Wanted: big chunk of chaeto cheaper than lfs

    Join the Facebook group page, many give it away free or cheap.
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    Radium 20k's

    I will dig around I think I might have a few 250w se
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    Tank for Sale

    Nice gift from the wife, GLWS
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    Getting back in the hobby

    Craigslist or facebook groups seem to be the best places to get a used tank. Mars has a FB group, or there is a 916 FB group also.
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    GHL Mitras Club

    Hello all, I recently bought 2 6200Hv that are used. One works perfectly fine the other only lights up 3 leds per puck. Through process of swapping parts between the 2 seems like the main board went out. GHL doesnt have them anymore. Anyone got an old 6200 (maybe not even working properly)...
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    Lf: a few sps

    Pm tfp he has most if not all I'm sure