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    "Making wishes" in your fish tank

    what about throwing frags in the tank an making wishes...
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    Ecotech Vortech wavebox

    Thats really cool. The tank I'm getting made by AGE will have an external wave box integrated with the external overflow, and its being sized for the ecotec mp40. Its cool to see this as a DIY. What settinngs are you using on your mp40?
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    Have you seen this fake liverock?

    those rocks look nice, but the colors are not alive, so it will eventually be overgrown with other algae...
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    Mark's new build

    Great build, I like those overflows, Where did you get them? they seem like they would be perfect for a smaller/nano tank.
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    Any idea what this may be?

    It does look like a baby fungia/cycloseris...
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    magnifica and gigantea

    you have an amazing tank. Thats could be one of the nicest gigs I've seen. I have somewhat of an off topic question. In your mag video what is the gorg thats in front of it with the thicker arms/branches? It appears at about 30 seconds into the mag vid. Also where did you get it? if you don't...
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    Bulkhead Position in Sump

    You likely will be fine. But I was wanting to comment on your selected size for a sump. For that size display I would want a sump that is much larger, much. When I had my 60" 100 gallon I had a 75 gallon sump and it worked nicely but I was always wishing I had gon with something bigger. Plus you...
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    Best airstone for skimmer

    bob, When you get them I look forward to reading your review I've been wanting to try the gnome ones. I like their skimmer too if I ever setup another nano I may try one...
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    back siphon prevention without any check valve?

    Heres a link to a thread that talks about siphon breaks. You can see my reply and my method of siphon break in post #21. Another member has a great picture of what I'm talking about. I came up with the idea when a snail blocked my siphon break hole and I nearly over flooded my sump when I turned...
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    My slices of a reef...!

    I love your toadstools reat variety. I especially like the little one with the huge white polyps. They were one of my very first corals, so they hold a special place in my heart and pretty much every reef I've had has had at least one little one. Even my old sps only tank had all sps then one...
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    Strange Brew

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    What happened to NEWYORKSTEELO?

    I still don't know why his vids were so popular.... I personally couldn't stand the guy, but I do hope all is well with him and his tank. He probly just left the hobby like so many people end up doing...
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    So you think you've got a big skimmer?

    I was referring to the to the foam neck transitions you can clearly see it transitions to four outlets for the foam. It appears that foam rises out of all four of them. It is Probably to make the automated cleaning easier. But it also is likely giving more surface area for the foam to grab on to...
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    So you think you've got a big skimmer?

    very interesting collection "cup" ( not really a cup at that size). it looks like its splits into 4 small tubes.
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    Blue Throat Trigger and Rockwork

    are these fish known jumpers or are they prettty good when it comes to that?