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    Palys and zoas fs

    your colors are incredible. What kind of lights do you have these under?
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    Guaging interest in 40B

    I'm going to be moving to Seattle in a couple of months and I'm not taking anything reef related with me. I plan to start fresh when I get settled in up there, so I'm not completely getting out of the hobby. Currently I need to sell my 40 Breeder with custom overflow. I built the acrylic corner...
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    Hitchhiker Crab ID???

    :thumbsup: I couldn't figure out why my zoas seemed to always wither away. Decided to pull my emerald crab out just in case. A week later my zoas started coming back... steady growth ever since.
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    Poll on what size tanks - if any people have now

    I have a 40b with sump, but I will be moving soon and I will downsize to a 30 AIO.
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    Bay Area octopus breeder

    There was a guy in Penn Valley who was a MARS member and had some baby cuttlefish. If I remember correctly he hatched them himself. He posted a couple videos of them. I saw one in the wild while walking through a sand bar in Thailand, really awesome. He sat still and tried to blend in, but as...
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    FS: $75 Your reef gift certificate

    I'm going to be moving and and tearing down all my equipment and selling it, so this $75 gift card to YR I got for Christmas won't do me any good. I'll sell it for $60 if anyone is interested. Unless you can pick it up in Grass Valley I will mail it and you can paypal. Thanks.
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    help... need to id this and find a fix

    Personal experience as well... Tech M is the easiest way and and no negative affects to any inhabitants. Seemed like my chalices and monti caps liked the high mg. Only other thing I would do is keep up on water changes to make sure the bryopsis die off doesn't cause a secondary problem.
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    Solar tubes

    pacific east aquaculture uses greenhouses in Maryland. cant imagine they get a ton of sun that far north and with a lot of clouds.
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    Solar tubes

    If you live in arizona or socal it's a guarantee, but in NorCal you need to plan it right. Figure it just like you would solar panels. find the side of your house that gets the most sunlight and plan your tank and solatubes around that. If you can manage at least 6hrs of direct sun on a spot on...
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    Solar tubes

    I looked into these like crazy. Seemed like a good way to go, but would want to supplement with blue an royal blue LEDS.
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    Yikes! Tank cracked!

    I'll be praying for you (if you dont mind). I know how a little water on the floor can cause some major stress.