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  • I'm interested in your top-down viewer and photo box how much for shipping to 76549? Are there any noticeable scratches that will hinder the use of these?
    Mark, last I spoke to Gary about them, he felt he was having some success. I'll check with him again and report back!
    Sara, how has the mojano wand done on they hydroids? I have tried everything under the sun to kill of my colonizing hydroids, and if this thing works I'm gonna jump for joy! Please let me know thanks. Mark
    A monster fishtank or fish? The fish are for local pick-up only if that's what you are asking about.

    Sorry, the other person that contacted me has purchased the tub and has already picked it up.
    Yes, but someone else is interested as well today. Yes, it's capped and holds water as it's been doing so for a year.
    Sara is it still available? So the schedule 80 bulkhead is capped right so it will hold water,just wondering I was going to make it a DSB with mangroves.
    Okay, I know where to find you for sure ;-)

    Are you busy today, I never heard back so I hope you were not ****ed at Viral ... he was just having fun!
    I turned this feature off or I am in deep **** and will be bombarded with these requests. Obviously nothing personal and you know how to reach me!
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