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    Tank setup for sale

    Hi guys. Thanks for the kind words. Tank is 8'x2'x2'-I forgot to put that in. I'm not getting out. As Nick said, I have a little tank now and eventually want a bigger one but I need to completely remodel my house first. I spent the last year getting half organized and cleaning up the yard and...
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    Tank setup for sale

    I'm selling pretty much everything, COMPLETE at this time. I really dont want to mess with parting it all out right now. I will let y'all know if I change my mind on that. 240 Gal glass tank, center overflow and drilled for closed loop. Oak stand and hood w/ 2 250W MH and 4 VHO actinics with...
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    Here comes some ICE! Anybody going to invest in a generator?

    Not a lot Brian. Keep the gas drained when not using it and if it has a crankcase, change the oil. It's about like a lawnmower but you never need to sharpen the blade. Also, just get it out and fire it up and let it run for awhile ever so often. Thats it really.
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    Opinions wanted!

    In the past I have just let it dry out and then, right before I use it again either rinse it or soak it with vinegar. Anything that looks good I rinse with it, if it looks a little nasty a let it soak. When you use it again just seed it with some new live rock or rock rubble right in the...
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    Here comes some ICE! Anybody going to invest in a generator?

    Yes, a little ripped off. I spent $4 on some good ear plugs in case the power went out because "one" of my neighbors was running one hella loud Genset the other day! :D
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    anybody use zeovit

    I think DST used it for awhile too. (dark silent type).
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    New Camera Tank Pictures

    Very very nice. The tank and the pictures. Excellent job on both Brandon.
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    Being Nostalgic, tell us about your first salt aquarium.

    I had forgotten about Inland Marine. I used to buy stuff from him when he was still out of his basement out in St. Peters. That was a long time ago. he did have cool stuff though and back then, it was almost always very healthy too.
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    plumbing question

    Yep, That would be my only advice. Swap it out now Jason. I have spa-flex for every turn except the 45's right at the bulkheads under the tank. Just use lots-o-glue and hold it in place a little longer than normal. Your head loss then will be negligible. Looks good though!
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    How to fight moisture damage on inside of canopy?

    Save your time and money if you're going to use acrylic. Just put a beead of silicone around the edges of the plastic and call it good. It will seal better to the bare wood rather than the paint anyway. I used enough that it oozes out when pressed onto the wood and then just wipe it with a...
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    homemade socket expansion !!

    Thanks Angler! Now I have a much better understanding. Very neat Jason.
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    I'll be hanging in the club forms...

    Ha! Try loggin' in once in awhile Fade! Good to see you John. You doing OK?
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    homemade socket expansion !!

    Umm, what did you say??? dc4, dc8...power...blah blah blah....? Please explain with "electric for dummies" lol What does this do and how?
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    How to fight moisture damage on inside of canopy?

    I made mine, and few others for freinds, with the acrylic linings. If you put the acrylic on with a thin bead of silicone at the edges there is no need to seal the wood with paint or anything. It works very very well. Mine has been on the tank overr 7 years and still, the whole thing looks like...