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  • Would you be able to make a very small frag tank? I am looking for one 18x16x10 with an overflow in the back large enough for a Herbie style drain setup (big enough for two 1" bulkheads). I can be more specific if you can do it. Let me know a rough price. Thanks
    Hey do you have the par meter still by any chance? I'm adding more light to my tank and want to balance everything. Thanks!
    Sorry I didnt reply to your offer for the trap sooner, my pc crashed and have been dealing with tornado damage etc. But seeing as your pretty far away what would you consider the middle? I really appreciate the other to use the trap, this guy is really messing with my goat
    U get my email? Got the sulphur denitrator. Looks like i need couple water lines and a valve
    U the guy that makes schplitter sulfur denitrator. Going to pick a scplitter up saturday. You have any instructions on hooking it up
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