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    OT: finally got a wii

    Rayman's Raving Rabbids is also a lot of fun.
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    Lagger's new Lee-Mar......

    I'm taking bets on how long it'd take for his wrasse to make a jump to freedom. lol
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    f/s: ACANS......

    $160 is for the whole rock which has 5 different acans (2 japanese, 2 australian, 1 micromussa)
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    fs: mated pair cleaner shrimps

    Whatever you do, try not to catch them with a net. Use a clear container instead. Their legs will get broken once caught in the net and it's game over. I learned it the hard and stupid way.
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    ot: Wicked - a New Musical

    Dang that is a great find for the 45% off. Wish I had known about it when my friends and I went 2 weeks ago. My suggestion is to spend more money and get the closer seats to the stage. Even $70 is still a decent amount of money so you might as well spend the extra $30 to have a nice experience.
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    FS: 60 gal Clear for Life Acrylic Reef Ready Tank + Stand + Hood for $50

    Nice, that was quick. SOLD to Rob. See you tonight.
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    FS: 60 gal Clear for Life Acrylic Reef Ready Tank + Stand + Hood for $50

    Acrylic tank has a few deep long scratches. Need to be buffed out or best used as frag tank. Dimension: 48" long x 15" wide x 18" tall It is reef ready. Comes with custom made overflow box + external durso that blends into background. Has a closed-loop that can be closed with ball union...
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    go outside and look at the sun set

    reefers are so romantic. as for me, pass the sunblock please! :p
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    WTT/WTS Eheim 1260 for 1250

    Do you have a chiller? If you do and you run it through the chiller before going back to main tank, that will reduce a ton of flow. Anyhow, not meaning to hijack with my ramblings. This is a good deal for a 1250 owner who wants an upgrade. You can't go wrong with an Eheim. Once I went Eheim...
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    WTT/WTS Eheim 1260 for 1250

    I heard that if you throttle it back, you will actually use less energy. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    FS: everything that's left

    Eheim pump and sump are gone. Now just the tank stand and hood are left. Thanks. Here is the back of the tank. All you will need is a sump, a return pump and maybe a few PVC bulkheads/unions.
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    Free: 2x 48" VHO used actinic bulbs

    They're used but I don't think it matters for actinic bulbs if I'm not mistaken. Location Midway City. They'll go into the trash by the end of the weekend. Thanks.
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    ot: calling all ufc fans

    Yeah, I like the Techno Viking's chances on this one. Brandon Vera has better cut weight properly or be well adjusted to the weight change or he will be whooped.
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    Whats the rule for Sump size vs Tank size

    There is no rule of thumb. Get the biggest you can get.
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    FS: everything that's left

    VHO + Controller are SOLD. EUROFIL 180 sump + Eheim 1260 are tentatively spoken for. Thanks. Anyone wants a frag tank + stand + hood for $80?