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    Swap meets / shows near Michigan

    Mucho, Nah-- Not looking for free stuff so much as reasonably-priced stuff that isn't absurdly named after a superhero's body part. :) Thanks, though, and hope to see you around. Last time we spoke in person was-- I think-- at IMAC in 2003 or 2004. That makes us old. ;)
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    Swap meets / shows near Michigan

    I'm also trying to find out what events are coming up in the area. I'll be at the swap mentioned above. You might also try posting in the Michigan club forum or googling for other resources for Michigan Reefers.
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    Roger, PM'ed on cup and venturi.
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    Were to get 5500 or 6500 k 150 DE bulbs

    Try . They have decent 150 DE 6000K lamps for $27 each. Search for " HQI-DE 150/6K EIKO "
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    PLEASE READ !!!!!! and respond.

    Hey Mucho, Bob from MR here. Great idea, as always. Just trying to get my tanks back up after selling most of my equipment, the move and everything else that happened last year... I thought I would start with a small tank and Zoas, to keep it simple, and here you are, quietly and politely...
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    Overflow box

    Been asway for a few months... come back to find that things have changed... or maybe that they haven't. :( Thanks for the article Greg, and for the work, and for your blog.
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    How would one go about ordering such bits?
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    Actually I'm not a fan of the narrow foam neck, but I bought it as an experiment... if I don't like it, I have a spare driver and a transformer to upgrade another 6000 to a 6100, as well as possibly a spare pump body. Roger, is there more than one version of part 245.14? I seem to recall...
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    Sorry Andy. :D
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    Tank of the Month - March 2005

    I've been telling ya'll for over a year that Dan deserved TOTM! Congrats Danano!
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    Let's See Some T5 Only Lite Tanks (remember Just T5 Lite Tanks) :-)

    The GE and Philips 6500 K are bright, some say greenish, and cheap. The Deltec/Arcadia/ATI "Suns" are purported to be less green/yellow and have a bit more orange/red, for a less "spikey" spectral curve. They cost 4x what the GE or Philips do though.
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    Since I was unable to get the info via email.....

    I'm interested in the answers to both of Erik's questions. TIA Jeremy.
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    Let's See Some T5 Only Lite Tanks (remember Just T5 Lite Tanks) :-)

    Ed, since you've made up your mind and posted here that the lighting you have is so crappy, I'd be willing to take it off your hands... shifted spectrum lamps and all. ;) We DO know (empirically) that MH lamps shift spectrum and lose intensity quickly. We know (again, empirically) from T5s...
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    Let's See Some T5 Only Lite Tanks (remember Just T5 Lite Tanks) :-)

    Fastuno, do you have the "new and improved" version? I thought that these problems were going to be corrected.