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  • Scott

    Apex shipped USPS Priority. Thanks Keith
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    9405 5282 0633 5038 0032 62
    Hey Scott,

    I am pretty sure you are the one I did the tank trade with the 125 for the 180. I am interested in the T5 lighting. I still have the same MH fixture I got from you with the tank, but I am just having way too much issue with heat this summer so wanted to switch everything to T5 lighting.

    Either way, do you think those two T5 fixtures would be enough stand alone with no other supplemental lighting? I was planning on buying the Tek Fixture, but if those two would work it would save me at least a couple hundred dollars.
    Hi there. I had sent a PM befor about the candy canes and duncans but never heard back from you. I just noticed the post again tonight and thought I'd send you another message. I am really interested in the neon candy canes if you want to sell them to me. My cell is 623-628-9514 thx Rachel
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