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  • Yup! Treats flukes (worm things) and other internal parasites

    If you have a really bad infestation of worms you can use metronidazole, which is harsher on the fish, as I have heard sometimes PraziPro won't do the trick.. but usually one round of PraziPro yields good results ~99% of the time. (of course, this is if you are treating the right condition with the right medication LOL I think that is the hardest part, figuring out WHAT is actually wrong)

    Oh... Get a picture up so I can see those lights in action! :D hahah
    Tank Transfer is a good method for getting rid of ich, but cupramine will also take care of the problem.

    As for mixing, PraziPro is a pretty mild medication, and it would not surprise me if people do both at the same time. I guess that "never mix medications" is more of a personal preference with those two drugs. For most any other type of medications, I believe mix and match is not the rule, nor the practice.

    If you have two different illnesses/conditions, I would advocate to treat the most life threatening first, and then clear up the secondary condition after the primary has been resolved.

    my 2 cents... :)

    I would like to do tank transfer, but at the moment I don't really have the space or the equipment to have two individual QT tanks lol
    PraziPro, Cupramine, and Paraquard are all good to have.

    It was suggested to me as well, to also have a broad spectrum antibiotic such as Furan 2..

    For QT:

    Some people treat all fish regardless with a dose of prazipro and then a go of copper (never mix/dose different medications at the same time).
    Some people observe the fish in QT and treat if needed.

    As an inexperienced saltwater fish keeper, I plan to observe and treat anyway, since I don't feel confident enough yet to properly catch a disease/parasite in time.. yet.

    Regardless of the method, 6-8 weeks in QT, treating anything that comes up!

    Glad to hear about the cycle progress! Are you checking ammonia? When that peaks and starts coming down, you have officially started to "grow" that wonderful bacteria needed to keep the water healthy :D
    Yea, its nice when things go well and you dont end up with a floor full of water. I had a friend who had 2 tanks break their seals in 2 days. I work in a pet shop but we only sell freshwater fish. I am also studying toward a certificate in advanced aquatics. How about you?
    Being patient is the worst part. Waiting for silicone to cure, waiting for the tank to cycle, waiting waiting waiting. Had my first death today though. I wanted to cry
    Nice! Glad to hear it finally lol those lights would only help with creating ugly algae for now until you get some good life in there anyway!
    ahh man sorry to hear about the clown, yeah I am going to get the 24" orbit led lights..I think they will be just fine for me. not to much, going on I hope to order my light here this week, and then a return pump and get the baffles in my thing I didn't think about is letting the silicone fully cure..I am being told that even with aquarium safe silicone it needs to sit for a I guess if I can get that done this week.. Then next week I can get it all wet!!
    Hey Scott,

    Hope everything is still going good for you.. have you decided on a light setup yet? (Been researching some more.. I have kind of fallen in love with those ReefBreeders and may grab one to play with since I want to use these for my upgrade down the road.. of course down the road I'm sure there will be 10 new lights out there to make it even more confusing LOL)

    My other clown is showing signs of the same illness/parasite that got Wilfred..glad I waited before making another purchase to keep him company. Hopefully I can save this one since I have the medication this time, but my personal experience with fish diseases is nil and I really am just taking a shot in the dark at this point in making my best guess at what it could be...

    Anyway, I'm thinking 8 weeks or more of no fish in the Display Tank for me to make sure this "thing" is eradicated if Pumpkin does not make it..

    All the best
    That is some good reading! I couldnt follow your exact link but I found the Reefkeeping 101 article, was there something specific you wanted me to see?

    Good news on the overflow!

    Sorry I don't check the visitor messages that often on here (forum feature I'm not used to) !
    yeah, I have been thinking about my corals, the par rating and everything like that it's all a different language for me..I am not wanting to keep high demand corals either, softies and lps..there are a lot of options in those two plenty for what I will need for at least a few years down the road if not longer.
    Hey there!

    Two weeks! Lol goes by quick for me working all the time, can't believe I'm approaching two months already !

    I am running a current USA marine led fixture. Many people on here do not like them, personally I love it. I'm not trying to keep any super advanced/high light requiring corals, so I think it is going to do just fine for me with the PAR chart they provide on their website.

    I would take a long thought about what kind of corals you want, and then plan out a lighting system :)

    If you want recommendations, I can tell you what I would have bought if I was going to go for high light requiring corals. (Probably ecotech radions and a t5 supplement)

    Nice! Sounds like you are moving forward and getting closer to being able to watch water for a while.. Lol makes the cycling period seem that much longer. Not much on my end over here, work has me busy. But I plan to go scout out a new clown buddy for the one that is now alone :/ this weekend. Good call in the QT tank as well. I need to get some PVC elbows and t joints for hides for my QT before I go get the new clown!
    absolutely, just so you know, I don't think that, ordering from that place is a bad thing, They get excellent reviews on here all the time..the most important info that I saw was what to do if that happens!
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