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    Free to good home fish!-ScottbytheSea

    Limeys going to take them Limeys going to take them Sunday evenings fine to pick up call sun and let me know an hour before you get here
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    Hey RG, hey your 70 miles from me! Limey offered to take them to a big tank just a few miles...

    Hey RG, hey your 70 miles from me! Limey offered to take them to a big tank just a few miles from my house as a pair. I hope your not upset. It be cheaper to buy fish near you then the gas it take. Thanks I'll keep you in mind first e When I'm unloading my bulk items , I have cases of nori...
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    Free to good home fish!-ScottbytheSea

    Scottbythesea is taking a break, I have two fish left to give away. Experienced reefer only please. I have 1 six line wrasse 3 yrs old and a 4 3/4 inch-5 inch powder blue tang who's probably 5 yrs. I hate to stop reefing but my job demands are taking me out of the game. Please no less then 90...
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    My house contains three sump pumps 3/4 hp well pmp. oil heat,(wood stove is main) source, numerous 208v spot lamps. freezers and all major appl. and 3 tvs. Plus my 8x15 tank/pmp room. and laundry 2 ac's. all of which my 7500 did nice job on as long as you didnt run or start everything at once...
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    hi all, been on the road awhile, tanks great. Hey i have a brigs an straton 7500 gen and run it non stop. it powers everything and laundry too for days on end. make sure you have an extinguisher on hand and a worthy operator while while hot fueling. Gas has a flash point of 110 degrees. It...
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    OT - Droid or Iphone?

    You'd have to pry my I-phone from my cold dead fingers. You will need a therapist to get rid of it.....Get yourself an I-phone guru to get you going with your needs as there is so many apps and so little time!
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    Where to get 5gal Soda Ash Local?

    I would need a 10 foot oven. Anybody else! I m not looking to cook for days just want some soda ash for alk 1 mix . Want enough 2 do couple thoaaamd gals. Let me know if someones ordering to bulk reef!
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    Where to get 5gal Soda Ash Local?

    Anybody know were to score Soda ash, or if someone is ordering from Bulk reef would piggy back an order on for me,have cash will travel (prepay). Thanks you.
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    my clam has died

    I agree with down hill for awhile, three inches or less do not run on algae from light yet to feed like large brothern do. They will look good right up until they starve to death. If you were not feeding 1-20 micron microalgaes ,and or 1-200 micron oyster eggs in an established systm and or...
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    OT - Droid or Iphone?

    Own 3SG I-Phone (linked to my Neptune three). and I travel the Country Regularly ,Hated the 4 series. All my younger Buds have the Droids and thought they like them they seem to always be back to see what mine does. And working construction I use the Otter shock Cover to protect it from falls...
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    Back up power?

    Murdy Bird, Consider a hurricane quick fix, A La' Louisianna""" a New boat bilge pump (all sizes 450-1500) with a bilge type. and some deep cycles marine/car batteries , I keep these as a last resort . run 450s for days with 3 batts 2 from my boat and one stand by,I have generators and a...
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    Acrylic locally?

    JD there is a place in New London Ct that has Aycrlic and scraps to boot...I forgotten the name but im sure you could look it up. I believe its a Glass fabricator/ store. They handle the right stuff and will cut to suit if you like. I have built a few sump for members and they were reasonabley...
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    Majano nems, best way to eradicate?

    I used kalk paste in a syringe without the needle screwed in , Put a littlle right in the center of them and------priceless!
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    Anyone no what this is?

    copper banded butterfly food!
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    Local Collecting

    I can tell you the red macro algae that you see rolling in the breechway (by the ton) at Qounnie is the very same thing people were buying for cash at the Mohegan show from whats his nane. Awsome in the refgium , you have to keep it from everything cause every critter eats it quick. Fireworms...