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    Albany trip

    I will be in Albany next week and I wonder which shops are the best in that area. Please help.
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    Getting out sale

    Papershop Papershop I saw your ad in papershop. Please text your number to me. 351-3740
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    My new carpet anemones...

    That should read, " the din of the electrical meter is spinning on the side of my house." I also notice that some corals thrive and others do not. Palythoa and Zoas do not open in my tank. SPS that extend their polyps in the tanks of others only extend them in the night in my tank...
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    My new carpet anemones...

    I guess the logical follow up is: If I could successfully keep the carpets, which by the way are Haddoni, under less powerful lighting, then why would I want to use more powerful lighting? Obviously, I am saddled with the power sucking 400 watt MH's at least until I opt to replace them. Your...
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    My new carpet anemones...

    ...So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and break the bank. First, I caved and purchased a blue carpet anemone. I put it in the tank and it initially did very well, for about 10 days or so. However, each day, it appeared to be opening less and less. About 10 days later, the second...
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    I responded to a local classified ad from a gentelman selling a red mushroom. As the price was fair, I made a trip to see his tank. The tank was beautiful, but, I noticed that he had flatworms. Since that time, we have become reef friends and I am now writing. Is there any fish or fishes who...
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    NCPARS Annual Spring Frag Swap

    Great job Dan! The swap was great. As soon as my wallet recovers, I will follow up with you like we discussed. Andy
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    Balast question

    I have a balast that will light 3 400 watt metal halide bulbs. I would like to use either 250 watt mh or 175 watt mh. Do I need to purchase a new balast, or, will my balast be able to operate the bulbs without any problems? Andy
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    Is LED lighting my answer?

    Balast question Balast question Based upon the response, I was wondering one more thing. Even though my balast is designed for 3 400 watt metal halide bulbs, can I use it to light 3 250 watt bulbs, or, 3 175 watt bulbs, or, do I have to now purchase a new balast? Andy
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    Trip to Susquehanna County/Binghamton

    I am making a trip from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to the Susquehanna County/Binghamton area. Is there any good aquarium stores up there? Andy
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    Is LED lighting my answer?

    I have a 210 gallon reef tank. It is 6' x 2' x 30". I intend to maintain a mixed type reef with SPS, ricordea, xenia, maybe a clam or anemone or two. I have been keeping reefs for quite some time. My lighting system consists of 3 400 watt Iwaki MH and 8 T5 lights for blue supplement. I am...
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    NCPARS Annual Spring Frag Swap

    Joining NCPARS Joining NCPARS I was a previous member whose membership expired and whose original card (that was expired), is lost. I would like to rejoin. How would I do that? Andy
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    The antisipation is killing me!

    Your spelling is killing me. A~
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    Missing mystery wrasse...part two...

    What is the most interesting thing that you found in your tank, that, you did not htink you had? Andy
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    Oh where, oh where had my mystery wrasse gone?

    About six months ago, I purchased a mystery wrasse. Beautiful, he was, with his orchid body and bedazzled yellow head. About two months ago, the fish went AWOL. For about two months, he was unseen. Fast forward to today. Two months later, today, I began to view the tank. Swimming proudly...