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  • I joined RC in 2014 and got out of the hobby due to moving around, but for some reason my posting number went down to zero. I wanna get back into the hobby and interested in your SCE cube. Let me know if it is still available. I moved to Costa Mesa

    I saw your post about the Maristar. Is it a 250 watt fixture. My end caps are broken and I could use it for parts.

    Interested in the green&red war coral. How do you have it priced? What sizes/# heads for how much? I'm in/work in El Monte/Temple City area. Where you located and when are you available? Thanks
    - Justin
    No problem.

    Linage for the pink boobies is direct to Vivid Aquariums. Have the receipt with the $350 for 1 eye:D

    Linage for Tyree Red is to speargunhunter.
    thanks for the sweet deal on PB and tyree watermelon. the watermelon is a hungry pig. what is liniage again? thanks
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