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    FS - Next Reef reactors

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    FS - Next Reef reactors

    I have two Next Reef Monster MR1 reactors for sale. They both work great with no issues. Asking $65 each obo. FYI. These were originally a dual chamber but I separated them.
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    Acropora Echinata and a Couple Others

    Anyone towards N Tampa area getting a frag? If so i'll take one.
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    Lighting for sale MH and LEDs

    I have 2 of the elites and the DIY led fixture.
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    F.S. Vortech Pumps wireless MP 40 and MP 20

    still available? pm sent
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    BobbyV's Marineland 300DD Starphire Project

    Which reactor are using on your carbon? BRS Deluxe or jumbo maybe? i'm looking for something more compact but easy to swap out.
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    Need to make room frag sale in New Tampa

    Great stuff. Thanks!
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    Need to make room frag sale in New Tampa

    I didn't hear back drop me a PM or give me a call to coordinate time to pickup. Thanks
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    Need to make room frag sale in New Tampa

    pm on the red dragon
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    Baby Spotcinctus clownfish

    Congrats Lee that's pretty awesome.
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    Fragging SPS in the FL Keys - Scubanauts

    I thought this was cool and wanted to share. My daughter has been lucky enough to be part of a non for profit organization called Scubanauts. They have really great leadership and scientists that work with the kids and make it all about the education. Here's a couple of pics from this past...
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    It's Official, I'm moving to Pheonix

    Congrats and best of luck.
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    QT Routine

    If you don't have a quarantine I'd recommend trying this out 'Safety Stop Rapid Fish Quarantine from Blue Life'. It's a two step dip process. I picked a couple packets up from FAOIS the other week. It doesn't replace a good quarantine process but it's better than not doing anything at all or...