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    yellow yellow!!!

    Yellow Goatfish- Parupeneus cyclostomus
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    Cube Aquascaping

    Thanks....why not a 120g cube:rollface:
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    Live Rock

    Forget the Fiji go with the MI! MI rock is made of ancient Acropora coral heads and is loaded with coraline.Very porous and structurally open Fiji rock is more dense and just looks more like bumpy rocks.
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    Problems with high salinity - any ideas why?

    Two part systems can raise salinity if you dose a lot.
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    getting out of the game

    Can you send me some pics of the zoos you have please :) TY E
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    Live Rock Suggestions

    Thanks! The tank is 36"L x 24"W x 30"H I'm using 2 XM 10K 250W with 2 90W super actinic VHO's I've heard the exact same thing....I'm trying to remember where..... Oh YEAH....Livestock USA!!!! :D
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    Live Rock Suggestions

    You can get the BEST MILR from They have always been good to me- I've never seen better MI rock anywhere else!
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    Fiji vs Marshall Rock

    Marshal Islands all the way! Mine came with at least 5 different colours of coraline and, after 7 months I still keep finding new thing popping up. I also got NO bad hitch hikers!! MI live rock is basically ancient broken off Acro heads (at least mine is). Lots of holes- very porous and light!
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    Coral Feeding

    I spot feed mine mysis and baby brine shrimp. GSP and Kenya tree get only what they can grab from the lights and, out of the water column when I swirl in some rotifers, cyclopeeze and Phyto twice a week.
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    Glass Euro Bracing

    Here is a pic of tanks being braced at Aquariums for you..... you decide how you want to make the braces..... It might be easier to just put them on top but.... inside looks better!
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    What is the correct way to mount a Monti Cap frag

    according to the Garf site.... if you mount the frag vertical you'll get more plates! Just use a little superglue gel along the bottom of the rim and attach like in the picture below!
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    Glass Euro Bracing

    I built my own tank with Euro bracing. The tank is 36" long, 24" wide and, 30" deep. The braces are on the inside. They are 2" wide and 1/2 inch thick (so is my tank). The pieces in the front and back go all the way across and go on first. The two side pieces fit in between the front and back...
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    Yesterday, Frogspawn, today poof, its gone??

    That was the smallest frog spawn I've ever seen!
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    When is it safe after and ich outbreak?

    you really REALLY should read this! I had ich - lost 'em all..... Eight weeks with NO FISH in the display to be sure! I even added a UVS to the display to help make sure it was all gone! 4-6 weeks in a QT before adding new fish to the...
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    Cube Aquascaping

    before coral After coral