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  • Hi, Forgot to ask you a question, what water level do you have your Skimz in ?

    Thanks again !

    I'd like an rbta. Do you have any left? Are you looking for anything like frogspawn, torch, Lobophylia, softies? I also have Chong Bong Palys, Pink and Gold Palys, Armor of God Palys, Gold Clove Polyps, Tyree Green Toadstool, Green Implosion Paly (also called Sun Paly), Peach Pop Paly (pink colored), True Dragon Eye Zoa (the orange centered ones with green around edges), and also stuff like kenya trees and GSP.
    Hi scuzy, so have you change your led ? Do you see a difference with the cree's or same has similed ? I'm thinking to change some led on my 170. Thanks
    Do you like the red led too ??
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