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  • hello sedor,
    i have read a year or so ago i remember you using bio pellets and wanted to know how things are going, what issues have you had, etc.. if you dont mind.

    Sedor, I was reading through some berghia forum and saw your name and that you are in Charlotte. I was wondering if youve had any luck with the berghia? Ive been talking to a lady from reef pest solutions about ordering some berghia. She wants me to get 18 of them for $350. I didnt know if you knew anyone local that breeds them.

    Thanks in advance.
    If I am not mistaken you have to use specific ports as wavemaker pumps. I think those ports are 1 and 4...
    Hi Sedor,
    Can you help me to assign my RKL. I tried to use channel 2 and 3 as wavemaker but its not working. Any suggestion from bigning, how to start, Please.
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