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    o.t. dish or direct tv

    They are both pretty much the exact same. When I was choosing dish was cheaper and had better service rating and their dvr was and I believe still is rated the best
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    Looking for a Nano

    My son turns 1 in December and he loves fish. I have a 12g JBJ Nano stand and am looking for a cheap 12g Nano for some fresh water fish for him. I would also consider the 6g version or if a bio cube would fit on the stand as well (not sure of the dimensions though). It doesn't have to be in...
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    Seriously??? You are buying something, most likely for a fraction of the cost of a new item, and your going to complain about cleaning it? :rolleyes:
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    FS -- 90g Medium Oak Stand -- $100

    36" Tall 48" Wide 18" Deep Thank you thank you my friend! Forget that some people don't know this. o) Yup just stand.
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    FS -- 90g Medium Oak Stand -- $100

    What dimensions are a 90gallon tall?? Wouldn't it be the same width and length just taller?
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    FS -- 90g Medium Oak Stand -- $100

    90g Medium Oak Stand -- $100 Pick Up in Plainfield.
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    FS --- 40g Stretch Hex - Tank - Stand - Sump - Pump

    I believe I still have this, and I want it gone NOW. Someone throw some numbers at me.
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    Need some stuff for Dart Frog set up

    I am looking for a cheap very small pump that can be used for a waterfall, needs to sit flat and work in very short water. I currently have a 10g tank and it will do but if anyone has anything nice and small that will work that's cheap I might be interested. Looking for a cheap light (CF) or...
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    GoFish/Chicago Fish & Coral Company is having their big sale

    Haven't been in there in quite a while since I got rid of my tank and stopped working there but was in there yesterday for some reptile stuff and they are having one of their big sales this weekend. All fish and coral are on sale (%25 off I think is what it was) and they also added an extra...
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    OT - FINALLY ~ He is here!!!

    Benjamin Joseph Kelly Born: Dec 11th, 2009 @ 1:20pm Weighing in at 8.7 lbs and 21" tall. Mom and Baby are all healthy! Totally awesome!!!!! Not sure how many of the folks I knew are still around but if you are I thought I would share. Been a long 9 months but totally worth it!
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    FS --- Sumps - Ozone - Stand - R.O.

    36L x 12.5W x 16.5H First chamber (skimmer) is 11x12, second (fuge) 13x12, third (return) 10x12. Has a bulkhead and a 1" union on it as well to hook up an external pump. 20L x 10.5W x 12H
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    FS --- 40g Stretch Hex - Tank - Stand - Sump - Pump

    Still have this, need it gone now. Make me an offer.