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    Show me your: Blastomussa wellsi

    Easily my favorite coral. You are making me want to get back in the hobby.
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    We'll now i have done it haven't i....

    Better ways to get rid of aiptasia.....much better ways.
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    Some shots of my reef

    Amazing brother! One of many great tanks from Poland.
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    Some Pics and FTS...

    Very nice stuff brother! Thanks for sharing.
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    Random bleaching?

    Discuss with me the flow you have in your tank. Also, the livestock including fish. All too often people "assume" in this hobby and also, all to often people look to lighting as a problem.
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    Raising Dkh and Calcium

    What exactly is being kept in the tank? No way to answer without knowing that. If you are keeping SPS I would raise it .5/day until I got to the desired level. Maybe even every other day. I wouldn't change more than 1 dkh /day though.
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    SPS and Vitamin C

    The only effect it has in our hobby is on fish immune systems. You can enrich their food. I would love to see some literature that actually demonstrates quantifiable affects on zoa's and paly's but I doubt there is any out there. Might I add that it won't hurt unless you are dosing it with a...
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    Emergency tank breakdown-educated and or experienced lighting input wanted

    How about make sure the tank doesn't blow. This is easily a one day job. I wouldn't even worry about lighting. I would just put them in tubs and transfer the water from one tank to another. Bam
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    ? on bleaching when switching to T5s

    400 W 20 K MH bulbs make colors pop more than any other bulb IMO. Also, you are making a drastic change not only in intensity but spectrum. I always start with a lesser photoperiod and great distance between source and surface when getting new lights. You then tweak from there. I suggest a...
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    Months....keep everything stable and have patience. If it isn't better in a few months, then toss em.
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    SPS corals going down hill (lots of pics)

    Would be redundant....GFO removes heavy metals itself.
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    SPS corals going down hill (lots of pics)

    When using a Granular Ferric/Ferrous Oxide you must monitor alkalinity very closley. Your test at 10 was an instance. I would be willing to bet you caused ALK Swings with it. When you first start using it ALK will plummet and you must adjust appropriately. It levels off over time, but...
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    Too many bubble algae in my sps dominant tank

    I noticed ALOT less valonia proliferation when carbon dosing in my old aquarium.(I am out of the hobby for the moment, but never really out) Some also have success with a foxface eating it, however, I do not condone getting a fish for this purpose ONLY. If it will have a good home otherwise...
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    ph droping after canoby chancing

    It could be the change in weather. The oxygen and carbon dioxide relationship going on here. I would first open up the windows in your home for a few hours before addressing this in any other manner.
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    What is "ringing" my hammer and torch??

    Definitely some form of dinoflagellate. Watch your nutrient input...right now its no biggie but if you aren't careful they can proliferate. Blow it off with a turkey baster as stated, but do watch your nutrients.....particularly in a 24 g tank as they can accumulate quickly.