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  • Hi. I had sent you a pm re your shadowbox background, and would really like to make the trip up to see your system if you are open to visitors. I'm in West Carrollton just
    South of Dayton. Thanks.

    Hey I have a couple quick questions about your shadowbox. What paint and light did you use? Also, what did you use to make the acrylic sheet hazy?
    If you bought the coralvue ballast from tony I really need one and will purchase it from you!!!
    How do I reserve a table? I've been keeping an eye on the c-sea site and never found anything, but now I see on rc that they can be reserved? Please let me know asap, the swap is Saturday!
    Hey Jeff, I was going to come and get that tank this evening. Please call me with Directions, lost the old ones and it has been a long time. (330)281 9424
    I can't find the thread on this years frag-swap. Can you bump it up or send me the link? Thanks!
    allways looking for fellow reefkeeping ohioans!! can you recommend a good lfs? the best I know of are salty critter in vermillion or aquatic technology in columbia station. They bolth carry bad cases of aefw, and outright kinda suck in their own special ways.
    Deleted -- sent via email instead (didn't realize this was just a "visitor" message area.

    I remember you telling me the name for place(s) which will built custom tanks. can you send me the info. my basement construction has just begun. if you ever travel down south to dover and other places i would love get your input for my new sump room.


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