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  • Hi, Not sure if the message got sent or not cuz, when I hit post message to your profile, is logging me out.
    I know you had this sale last year: Nice fresh cut acros for sale. 10 frags for $100: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2710429.
    because I tried to join but I had issues creating an account to Reef Central and I think in the first draw I could not participate and not sure if you had a secound time.

    I upgraded my tank and I want to get more SPS frags and wanted to see if is still somehow possible to buy some frags from you. I know I don't have history on this forum and posting but I've been using a different forum Bayareareef.

    Please let me know.
    Best of luck,

    Here is my email alexandrubalaci@gmail.com. Not sure if I am getting emails here. Sometimes I have issues with my account. For some reason, I have to log in twice if I want to go to the forum then to go to my profile.
    Hi, sorry to bother you, I had an issue creating an account. Then I had to post a few posts cuz I can't send messages if I don't have any posts. Basically, I wanted to get in line, but then when I was checking what corals you have to see images and how they look, then the orders got filled out by the time I was creating the list. I am not that good with coral names.

    And now not sure if is even possible to get anything.

    Well, let me know.

    Sorry for the pm I know you mention not to pm you but not sure what else to do. I am new on this forum but I was using: https://www.bareefers.org/ and a friend from there mentioned about you.

    Here is a video with my system:

    Well I really had to send you this message tonight just in case. Is almost 4am time to sleep.

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