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    FS: Getting out of the hobby

    How long have you had the tunze ato?
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    Waterbox 20 return pump choices?

    SICCE Syncra Silent 1.0. These are supposed to be pretty silent.
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    MACNA 2018!! Whos going?!

    I'm going...first big show so I wanted to pick a good excited! Sharing a room at the event center with Kelly (Seahorse Whisperer on you tube. ) I've been to Vegas a few times and it's a blast! Anyone who hasn't been should check out old las Vegas..(Fremont St) They've updated it and...
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    will double junction ph probe work on the classic apex?

    My Ph probe went out after 5 amazing run I'd say. After calibrating my new double junction probe, can I just plug it in where the old one was and call it a day? Or do I have to reconfigure also in Apex fusion? I have the apex classic.
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    Frag pack for sale $30

    Thanks for the great frag pack Chris!! polyps came out right away! If you're looking for some large frags, Chris has them for a very good price.
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    The Best Dosing Pump

    The write up I saw was on reef builders
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    What fish do you have in your nano?

    I have a 29 gallon biocube thats been set up for 4 years. I have a pair of clowns, a valentini puffer, a bluestar leopard wrasse. emerald crabs and a couple peppermint shrimp. And a pistol shrimp gobie pair.
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    Zoas for sale

    Thanks for meeting me yesterday! All the zoas are looking great!!
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    FS: red hornet zoanthids (100+ polyps) and large Acan echinata colony and a few other

    Dang...those red hornets are gorgeous!! Let me know if you when you have some more please
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    Bam bams and Duncan

    Hi, any bam bams or other zoa's left?
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    Hi Tim, Enjoying the corals I bought from you at the coral market. Most are doing well, but I...

    Hi Tim, Enjoying the corals I bought from you at the coral market. Most are doing well, but I lost the Oregon tort...It Rtn"d quickly after some heater problems and it was my favorite!!...Let me know when you will be back to the bay area and what you have available. Thanks, Melanie
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    Post your setups!

    Wow!!...Loving everyone's tanks..Gorgeous! How are you liking the Crystal Dynamics tank? Did you buy their stand also? Thinking about going bigger..I have a 29 gallon biocube now.
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    FS rainbow bubble tip anemone

    Love the nem I got from you!! It recently split and now my porcelain crab can't decide which one he likes