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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    Hi Dennis Looking great as usual! Is that another damsel in the background? Or something else?
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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    Dennis Without taking anything away from your other tanks, I feel this is the best aquascape yet :bounce3:
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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    Nice sump Dennis! But where do u put your probe?
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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    Dennis New build looking great as per usual! I am guessing your sump is going to be red/white combo? You gave it away on the profilux shelves!
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    *d2mini's new 200g Reeftastic Build*

    Dennis Would love to see you tackle a drop off tank. They are awesome!
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    A Smart? Aquarium in Taiwan...

    If your friend can get this to market it would be awesome and change all of our routines! Does it have web access? There is another comprehensive monitor trying to get to market but seems to have all gone quiet after a failed fund raising.......
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    d2mini's 25g Office Lagoon

    Dennis Sounds perfect for a cube! I might go as far as I enjoyed your cube a tiny bit more that the 200!
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    Icecap Gyre interface.

    Surely GHL are work with Maxspect to produce something here?
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    Salt Water Mixing Stations Let's See Them

    Some salt mixes have organics in them so they are not good to let sit for long periods. Other than that, others can be stored as RHF has explained.
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    The Life Reef Skimmer Club

    My lid is a bit of a tight fit. Make sure it's on properly. As others have said, drop the Venturi intake into some warm RODI water with the skimmer on. This will clean out the Venturi.
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    The Life Reef Skimmer Club

    The screw on the top of my gate valve is rusting. I contacted Jeff and he likened it to GFO which makes sense to me. Should I leave it or remove it?
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    Salt mixing : How do you get the same salinity every time?

    I use some old tunze magnets to indicate 5G. I know exactly how much salt by weight I need and just add that each time. Easy.
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    The Farm

    The Farm Are you shipping to Hong Kong? If so which shop? Thanks! Or do you allow walk-ins?
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    The Life Reef Skimmer Club

    I also added a tee to the line. One end goes to the collection cup the other goes to my CO2 scrubber. Works well, too well in fact and I have a screw clamp on the scrubber line to restrict the flow.
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    GHL Doser 2 Owners Club

    I was having major trouble with the doser and connecting to wifi. I posted a couple questions on the GHL forum that were not answered. I emailed a staff member who I had previously experience with. Those went unanswered. I was told he left the company, but I didn't received a send failure from...