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    how long has your BRS 2-part doser lasted?

    I voted but like you stated my pump has got loud to the point that I replaced it however it never failed before I took it out of service.
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    Eshopps probe magnet holder ?

    The magnets that attach to the holder are in sealed acrylic "containers". As far as their waterproof ability I would be safe to say you would be good though some heavy acrylic cement around the seam would assure that. Hope that helps.
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    LifeReef skimmer question?

    People will bad mouth Lifereef products because the design is outdated (skimmer) but I bought a complete setup for a 120 I set up years ago. It was the most successful system I ever ran. I think the sum of the parts equaled a pretty great system. I still use the calcium reactor and the...
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    DA Reefkeeper Elite - Honest User opinions

    I bought the RKE just a few weeks ago and have yet to get it set up on my tank. I bought the TM4, NET, MLC (moon light controller) and other stuff. First the TM4 temps show as error on the NET graphs so useless for monitoring remotely. I posted on their support forum and within a day I got a...
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    300 Gal Project's hard to believe. I may get a little sand from you and some monti you have. Travis said that the orange he gave you awhile back is ready to be fraged. Just goes to show that giving frags can help you later when an "event" happens. The main reason I am taking so much time is that I...
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    300 Gal Project

    Looking great Tim...makes me want to start throwing in stuff into mine. MUST RESIST THE RUSH.
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    Looking for Rubbermaid stock tank

    You are totally right on that one Tim. My buddy and I bought 12 of them about a year ago with the intent to breed them. We had a tank FULL of aptasia it looked like creepy brown grass. We put them in and they went to town on them. Though they did breed easily, little egg spirals...
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    That stained glass is an awesome way to use the stray light. A really great Idea Anthony. Happy Holidays!
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    300 Gal Project

    Cool timmy, LOVE the light fixture. How much substrate did you end up using? I have to say, the waiting on a new tank is painful. You just can't wait to put stuff in it. Luckly I have made enough mistakes in the past to know to take it slow! I have two new pieces of LR in mine :)
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    beckett injectors

    I have seen some of them at Lowes in the pond section. They are usually attached (doesn't look permenant) to some pipe for pond apps. Can't remember how much, but it wasn't to bad as I remember. I'm sure there are tons of other places to get them though.
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    can't find Dart users manual online

    I remember having a time finding it the first time too. I just know now to google reeflo to bring it up.
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    Progress on the 125 project

    I've done that with my 225 twice so ATO would probably be a good idea for me also.
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    AquaC Remora microbubbles and noise

    I eventually used some filter pads cramed on the output of the skimmer of my AquaC when I had one. Just make sure you clean them regually. Worked ok after that...regarding microbubbles that is.
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    Under $200 is tough...I think you'll eventually have to mod the Octo 200, but luke33 may know more about that.
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    can't find Dart users manual online

    Huh...just search for ReeFlo pumps to help you, here you go.