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  • Hey Shawn,

    We were in the store for the first time in a loooong time today and where looking at tanks. We are strongly thinking about a 93g cube and Ernie said you had one. What are you lighting it with? If you aren't using LED can you recommend one? Thanks and talk to you soon.
    I found out that you got the sump from Treg. I was looking for a sump like that and,I was wanting to know if you would sell it to me? What is the dimensions? If not I would like a picture so I can get one built like it. I was thinking on getting one made from GEO. I do live in Ohio, so I can pick up.
    I like it more than I expected I would. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, RC doesn't give notifications for visitor messages. Your welcome to stop over some time and check it out, shoot me a PM or email if you ever want to.
    Hey Shawn,

    How do you like your cube?

    I'm thinking about upsizing and have been looking at the cubes. It's hard to justify the cube price when there are cheap used 120's and the like out there.

    Also, I'm limited in what will fit in my office and I don't know if the cube would look right.
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