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  • Let me do some research on this light and get back to you. I just read a quick review and this fixture has no cooling system so that means I will be running through bulbs. Maybe you can give me some insight on weather or not I should get a 4 or 6 bulb feature? I getting a 40 breeder due to space issues and wondering if a 6 bulb would be to much for that tank? I plan on having mainly SPS but would also like to house some LPS (torch, Duncan ect...) dont want to burn any coral so any thoughts would be helpful. thanks ps the system does not let me PM until I have 10 post. idk why
    I cannot post a direct reply until I have posted 10 messages so I hope this gets to you...

    Hi there,

    YES! Absolutely! I will do both the rastas and the candy apple reds.

    Have anything else thats good? :)

    I will be at the meeting. I am a big guy, 50, bald, glasses, goatee.

    Appreciate it!

    Hi Tom, sorry to hear your purple hornets didn't recover from getting flung across your basement when I tried to frag them w you. Told ya if they didn't make it I would give you another frag. You should call or pm me, I happen to have one cut if you would like it.
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