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    F/S Sunpod 20 inch 150w

    Sorry I forgot to post. SOLD !!
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    WTB Drilled 90 gallon tank

    PM sent
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    Free live sand and rock

    Sorry Jon I didnt have as much rock as I though. They were a couple small pieces. Thanks everybody
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    F/S Sunpod 20 inch 150w

    For sale Sunpod 20 inch 150w Phoenix 14K bulb $80
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    Free live sand and rock

    Live rock is gone. I forgot but I have some rock and black sand but they are not live if any body want it let me know.
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    Free live sand and rock

    Free live sand from a 90g and some live rock in seminole.
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    wanted: Best lighting for my 12g aquapod

    I have a sunpod 150 for sale PM me is you are interested.
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    WTB 20 in Current usa sunpod 70 or 150 watt system

    I have a 24gal with a 150 sunpod, 2 pumps and some rock. Send me a message if you are interested.
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    laptop deals
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    My 210 tank build

    hahhahaah I told you. she needs an exercise plan. Wow I am amazed by this tank. I love all the details. I cant wait to see it in person. awesome tank.
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    Starting w/ Broken Tank - Build Thread

    Interesting keep the pics coming please :)
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    ot pup pics

    She is an American dingo/Ibizan hound. She is 1 year and seven months old. We got her 2 month ago from SPCA and she has been the happiness of this house.
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    ot pup pics

    OMG Russ you got a dog? wow congratulations. She is soooo cute. Well I got a dog too. I guess now where are going to have a dog club .. kidding :) Here is a pic of mine.
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    FS: 3 tangs 1 shrimp

    Thanks :)
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    FS: 3 tangs 1 shrimp

    Sorry for the delay. and sorry for the quality of Picts :)