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    Toxicity in sand

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    Toxicity in sand

    I am breaking my tank down and I am wondering how long the live sand in my tank can stay in buckets before the sand in the bottom of the bucket starts to get toxic??
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    lighting for corals

    I had Zoa's , Softies, Clams, and a few LPS
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    lighting for corals

    I have my actinics running from 2pm - 8pm and my white lights from 3pm - 7pm.
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    Initial Fill

    Use a razor blade if the stickers don't peel off good and wash down with RO/DI water and you should be ready to go.
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    125g reef tank fuge sump question

    I paid $12 a hole at a glass shop in town.
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    how long till i know if its alright?

    If you are running VHO lights I would be very careful and place that coral as far to the top as possible. I am pretty sure that that is not enough light for SPS corals on a 135 gallon tank but I am no expert on SPS.
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    how long till i know if its alright?

    What type of lighting are you running?
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    lighting for corals

    I dropped my down to 6 hours a day because of the cost of electricity in the summer. In the winter they go back to 10 hours a day.
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    I currently have a 1/3hp JBJ chiller and I could not be more satisfied with it. It is very accurate and requires no maintenance at all. IMO Go with the JBJ chiller.
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    My newest addition...Pink & Blue Spotted Watchman Goby

    I had one for 6 months and he was great. He did like to grab snails in his mouth and swim around with them though. Mine loved to sit on my clams and it didn't seem to bother them at all. Day and night he spent swimming around and never hiding. I never had a problem with him and any of my...
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    Fuge draining into main tank - Good or Bad?

    I have 2 x 20gallon refugiums both running back into my 125 gallon display tank and they work out great. The pods multiply so fast in the chaeto growing they can't help but to get sucked down the drain and into the top of my display tank for my fish to eat.
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    Live rock alternatives?

    I agree on waiting to find someone that is taking down a tank and getting rid of their Liverock. Base rock is not so good looking and boring. To bad you are not closer to me, I have 180lbs of Haitian Liverock covered in corraline algae that I am selling for $2 a lb. Good luck.
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    Not sure if this is good or not?

    I am pretty sure that the shrimp was not attacking the clown. When the shrimp is cleaning fish sometimes the fish will lay down on their side on the sand bed and let the shrimp go to town on them.