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    FS: 180 reef tank part out- Vortech Reef Octopus, Eheim, Tangs, Corals

    I am parting out my 180 reef tank, message for information or offers! Livestock must go before equipment is available. Aqueon 180 gallon display tank w/ stand and floating hood- $600 Vortech MP-40 Wavemaker- $200 Jebao RW-20 wavemaker- $50 130lbs pukani/ tonga branch rock- $3 per pound Eheim...
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    WTB: Neon green toadstool coral and more

    Hi can you text me pics? (Nine54)-854-3616. Thanks
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    What kinda powerheads do you use?

    I have a Jebao PP-20 and Vortech MP40es in my 180 reef. The jebao is 1 year old and so far works like new. It moves a ton of water and does everything the vortech does. Jebao is much quieter too, this is the standard ES vortech though not the newer qd.
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    WTB: Neon green toadstool coral and more

    Looking to buy neon green toadstool corals and other soft leathers like sinularia. Also looking for weeds like xenia and mushrooms if anyone is giving any away. Thanks
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    Return Pump Recommendation

    The answer is always Eheim! I use an eheim 1250 that has been running non stop since 2012 in my 75 gallon reef and a 1262 on my 180 gallon reef that has been up for 6 months.
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    How many tangs you have

    Standard 180 gallon tank (72x24x24) 3 Yellow tangs 1 Pacific Blue tang 1 Tomini tang I wanted to keep an Acanthurus species as well but have decided my tank is probably at capacity. I have 22 fish total- mostly small fish gobies, blennies, wrasses, chromis, and clowns.
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    What has been your perfect size for a reef tank and why?

    I have kept a 75, 20 long, 40 breeder and just recently jumped to a 180 (6x2x2) and am loving it. The only unexpected thing I experienced was my a/c struggled to keep my humidity under 60% so I had to buy a dehumidifier. 240 (8x2x2) is my dream tank but too big for my current space.
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    Risk of blue light

    Well damn, I usually stare at my tank under blue led light from 10-12pm every night (2x 165w black boxes). At times I have trouble falling asleep, its amazing I can sleep at all! I have computer glasses I am going to start using for my stare sessions.
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    Yellow watchman goby spawned

    The eggs hatched last night after 4 days of incubation, I pulled the egg sack from the tank right before lights out at 11 pm and placed them in a 32 oz bowl floating in 5 gallons of water in the 10 gallon fry tank with gentle bubbles. I checked at 1 am and 50% had hatched. These guys are tiny...
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    WTB: Live Rotifers + Phytoplankton

    Hello, does anyone know where I can find Rotifers and phytoplankton in the south palm beach or north broward area? Thank you.
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    Yellow watchman goby spawned

    My yellow watchman goby pair have spawned after 5 years together. I have kept them in a 75 gallon reef tank with a big mean maroon clown since 2013. Recently I moved them to a new 180 gallon system where they have been for 3 months with 3 chromis, 2 clowns, and other little peaceful fish which I...
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    Cleaner Shrimp costs

    I bought 2 from blue earth corals in Lake worth for $20 a piece a few weeks ago.
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    Hamilton technology Bimini sun system/ 250w M58 ballast

    I have for sale a Hamilton technology Bimini Sun Metal halide Pendant with a 250w M58 Magnetic ballast. Comes with 2 brand new 20k plusrite bulbs. Asking $135 OBO 2.5" Tall - Ultra Compact HQI Metal Halide System Don't limit what you can keep in your tank: Brightest Metal Halide...
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    FS: Lumen Bright SE Metal Halide Pendant + electronic ballast

    I have two lumen bright mini pendants with 250w coral vue elecronic ballasts for sale. The pendents are the 16" variety and other than a little rust on the screws are in excellent condition. Bulbs are radium 20k and were used for 1 year. I am asking $150 for each set OBO. Pick up in Boynton...
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    Return Pump Recommendation

    Another vote for Eheim. I have run an Eheim 1250 on my 75 gallon tank for the past 5 years, this year I set up a 180 reef tank and the 1262 was a no brainier. I run mine internal and heat is a non issue and its silent.