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    Mantis For Sale

    email sent
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    Mantis For Sale

    i dont have paypal, i was just gonna fedex you the money tonight when i went in to start my route
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    Mantis For Sale me or email your addy
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    Mantis For Sale

    mantis mantis if he's still available, i'll send you the 7 dollars, and if its cool with you, you can just send him fedex, standard overnight and check bill recipient and hold at location, i work at the fedex station in paducah, ky so if you send it bill recipient i can use my discount
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    free mantis in philly

    if you'll ship, i'll pay for it
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    Free to a good home - Mantis Shrimp

    peacocks are very rarely found as hitchhikers in live rock. depending on where the rock came from, its probably a smaller species of smasher like N. wennerae
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    Free to a good home - Mantis Shrimp

    if you change your mind about shipping, i'll take him
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    Want a mantis?

    it wont be a peacock if it was found in florida rock
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    mantis-free to a good home

    we're still havin temps in the 70's here....lots of people have success shipping them in thermoses that are about 1/4 to 1/3 full of water.
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    mantis-free to a good home

    if you change your mind about shipping, im interested
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    freshwater dip for mantis shrimp

    maybe he can dip the rock in freshwater and when the mantis come flying out he can catch em and give them to us?
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    Another Mantis Up for grabs

    what are you asking for him?
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    peacocks and tank size

    a peacock would be fine in a 10...i had mine in a 10, but if i had it to do over i would've set up probably a 20 for him since he was so active. the only time you'd really hafta worry about him breaking the glass is if he was digging in a corner and constantly kept rapping on the glass, you can...
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    Mantis Shrimp or Not?

    whatcha gonna do with him after ya catch him?:D
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    3 Mantis (Free to good home)

    cool! thanx