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    lolla rossa lettuce - poisonous?

    Hi guys, Thanks for your quick replies. How do you prepare the carrot? Just cut it up thinly, raw, cooked? We do already feed the preparred seeweed selections by julin sprung mixed see veggies and both red and green seaweed by seaweed selects + nori from Tesco! We like to give them a good...
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    lolla rossa lettuce - poisonous?

    Hi all We have quite a few algae eaters in our tank. We put in a strip of either green or red algae (alternate days) and a large romaine lettuce leaf every day as well, and also a couple of spinach leaves. Its always all gone! Anyway, my mum brought me some fancy lettuces the other day (was...
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    hair algae remover reccommendation

    Hi all We're having a problem with hair algae at the moment. The skimmer is working to the max and we do 50 litre water changes by vacing the gravel every fortnight. The media on the rowaphos reactor has only recently been changed, but no improvement. The tank is reading 0 on nitrates...
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    How long could our fox face go in a 60L tank?

    She is just under 3" in length. 60 litres is 14 UK gallons I think - Its 70cm by 35cm by 25cm. It has the same water and turnover as the main tank and loads of different algaes and 3 x 2 kilo pieces of live rock. There are no other fish in there, but there are a few tube worms. We have just...
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    How long could our fox face go in a 60L tank?

    Maybe I'll try it! Maybe I'll try it! Hi Thanks for your reply. The 60L tank runs off the main tank so the water is the same as the main tank, so I wouldnt have the risks/stress involved with acclimitation. I figure if he does get stressed out in there he would loose some of his brilliant...
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    How long could our fox face go in a 60L tank?

    sad i know, but I'm attached to her! sad i know, but I'm attached to her! I did ask the shop, but they are having some pretty major building work going on in thee at the moment and said they havnt realy got the space to hold her, but they did not mind taking her and then giving us another 6...
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    How long could our fox face go in a 60L tank?

    Sadly not an option Sadly not an option Unfortunetly there is no one who could look after him for a while. Reef keepings not a big thing round here, we have to drive over an hour to the nearest marine shop! Good idea though, appreciate it.
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    Is this a disease?

    dark when stressed dark when stressed Hi We used to keep a panther grouper and I remeber reading an article on them saying they go dark and smokey when ill/stressed, so I would expect his colour to return once the fungus has gone. Good luck with him! there reall gorgeous fish!
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    reoccuring pop-eye - any explaination?

    We got a group of 5 carribean blue chalk bass 2 years ago kind of as a 'rescue'! They were he smallest, skinnist, most timid fish you would ever have seen! Within a month they had filled out and were always out. The continued to thrive for about a year, then when we moved the tank one developed...
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    Best Hermit

    Best hermits - id choose tigers Best hermits - id choose tigers Hi I have 5 different types of hermit crab AND turbo snails! But I did used to have problems. My tips are, if you want to save the snails! Either blue dwarf blue legged and tiger legged (because the dwarf blues never grow big...
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    Powder blue tang

    Just to comment on the tank size with PBTs... We brought a vey small (2") PBT for our 100gal tank. He is now about 4", but is too fiesty for the tank and I am anxious for my new tank to be done because he constantly chases the foxface, the blennie and anyone who eats 'his' algae from the algae clip!
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    How long could our fox face go in a 60L tank?

    Hello all! At present we have a 100gal tank, but are having a new (much bigger!) tank in June when we move house. However until then we have a problem... We have had a powder blue surgeonfish for quite a while, he is now about 4" long and is the largest fish in he tank. About 3 months ago...
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    Tank of the Month - September 2007

    Congratulations on a beautiful tank! I am upgrading my lighting to reeflux bulbs and was wondering if you had any pictures of your tank with the 10k bulbs? Were these at all yellow? Thanks for the help and well done on a great tank! Simon
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    green legged hermits

    Hi I saw in a display tank some time ago now some gorgeous emerald green hermit crabs and have wanted some ever since! Something a bit different to all my blue and red legged ones. Unfortunetly though, I seem unable to find them for sale anywhere! They are apparently sometimes called dwarf...
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    Water tests perfect but some corals wont open, mushrooms shrinking, fish have worms.

    Hi all. My current system has been set up now for 6 years and I have never had any problems. There have been no new additions or changes but around 9 months ago it went through a bad stage of diatoms which smothered some of the corals. The diatoms have all gone now, but the corals have never...