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  • Hey Matt, any time. I'm usually off on Tuesdays or Thursday so you are more then welcome to visit if you have any of those days off.

    I recommend you use something other then the api kit for the nitrate. Salifert will be a kit of my choice and recommended by many gurus that has helped me set up.

    Also try using power heads that's held together by magnets. They will help you avoid this issue in the future.

    I will text you my number later.

    Hey Mr. Siptang, Thanks of the advise. Would love to see your tank as mine is a 72BF as well. Also, you can check mine out as well. I live in Parkland near the highschool. Call me anytime at 954-609-8975. Are you going on the FMAS tour? Woke up with a powerhead that fell down and stirred up a bunch of sand that raised my Nitrates. Have not seen nitrates since i brought the tank home 6 months ago and it was in "purple" range on API test. Took 2 months to bring it to Zero. Now anything above Zero give me a bad day. Sucks. WC today to bring it back in check. Ironcically Added carbon last weekend but just in the bag. Will get anohter 150 this weekend i guess. Always something to do. Also, want to hear about your Oxygen dosing when you get a chance. No hurry... Cheers, Matthew
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