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  • Good morning,

    Was reading the thread where you posted about a toxic purple sponge back in 2011.

    Google search is amazing. lol

    I was wondering if you still had it and if it was still causing issues.

    and if you would be interested in selling some.

    Hello Sirreal. I hope you dont mind me asking but I know u are very knowledgeable with MH lighting. I have an m80 ballast and was wanting to switch from the radiums to a Hamilton 14 or 10K is there any bulb that you would recommend for the M80 ballast. I can't find much info on bulbs that I can swap to.
    hey how have you been finally got my tank set up its cycling as we speak... it took me longer then i thought lol... how was your summer? dropping 30g on a kitchen didn't help either lol
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